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  1. I’ve been reading Nehemiah, where they had to rebuild the walls in the midst of various trials that the enemy threw at them in order to hinder them etc. But Nehemiah and the people focused more, had a mind to do the work God gave them to do and they worked while also being armed with weapons against attacks…very focused. Work work work but with weapons and shields at their sides and in hand. They set up watch shifts. They had a trumpet to call each other should they needed help during an attack. Every time the enemy tried to lure Nehemiah into a trap, he responded in wisdom so not to be set up for harm. Prayer was continually done. If the enemy said valse things, Neh would just deny it as their own lies against him. If they thought their hands will become weak, they just worked worked and worked and the Lord would show the enemy that He helped them, its from Him. If the enemy wanted Neh to hide, he would say no he wont. Trust God to keep them safe. Neh and the people kept working, praying with shield and weapons…didn’t hide. Didn’t flee. Didn’t give up. Didn’t move. They trusted God to deal with the enemy. They finished the walls. The work with His help and protection. When the people started to do each other in, they had to repent and restore towards their brethren cause the brethren shouldn’t do to each other what the heathen did to them. They did suffer poverty and famine and lots of stress from the enemy but they pressed through.  God for them and with them…helping them through to do what He asked them to do.
    I share this for I got an answer and clarity and understanding and explanation to our current struggles and Gods instructions to us.
    He sent us here 3 yrs ago and I remembered Him saying to rebuild the walls and temple but then things started to get all messed up and stress and all sorts of stuff and pressure happened …I withdrew and I kept to myself and we just wanted to leave ever since…. but lately I started to understand He says He will be with us to go through it all…here. to stay.
    Now tonight I make sense. We have to continue. Stay. Do what He said. Focus and work and pray and warfare like never before and be bold and do the work and not hide or flee or do what they want but God wants. Trusting Him. Amen.
    May He be with us and strengthen our hands and help us to finish the work well. Amen.

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