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Closer than a Brother

It’s time to talk some more, about some of the dark days the Apostles went through.  Why did we not talk about some of their realities; was it necessary to put them so high on pedestals, that we could not understand how human they were.  In one place, they had truly had it.  Does anyone else, know what being ‘pressed out of measure’ really means?  Yes, we do.  Because many of us, have been there; we can relate.

They had no more strength.  If I may, I’d like to share what a different kind of translation said.  Let’s not war about translations and versions.  There are times, when a more modern English can be helpful.  They said, “We don’t want you to be uninformed, about the affliction and oppressing distress we went through.  How we were so utterly and unbearably weighted down and crushed, that we despaired even of life itself.”

My question is, if they made a point to be honest about how they really felt, then why can’t we do that?

This idea that we can no longer trust one another, is a sign among us now.  Could it be, that we are less like those holy men of God now, than we ever were before. We are making excuses, for not being able to talk openly to one another?

What kind of people have we become, when no one can trust us to keep our word; when there’s no such thing as a confidence, anymore?  We can ignore it if we wish, but we are living in a time, that more than ever, we need someone to talk to.  People all around us, are in so much trouble and distress, they desperately need someone who will listen and care.

The expression, ‘just tell it to the Lord,’ may have become a real cop out.  I am so glad we can go to Him; and we can tell Him all our troubles and know, that He will keep our secrets; He won’t betray.  But we need to also remember something; we are supposed to be like Him and act like Him.  If we truly have His spirit, then we should also be, closer than a brother, or sister, to those who need it.  Some of us, don’t have family close to us; for whatever reason, there is separation and distance.  Something, won’t heal.

Some of us are exhausted; we’re more tired than we have ever been in our lives.  Those who have waxed cold, say it’s not necessary to be able to talk to others.  That’s not Bible; it never was.  In fact, that’s totally against what Jesus said, and what the Apostles taught.

If we’re afraid people will think less of us for being real about our journey, then those people are not truly our friends.  And they are not what they claim to be.  We won’t make it, in these last days, without being the kind of friend, Jesus has been to us.

Approved, Approved, Approved!

Many of us have often wondered, why God lets certain things go on.  What reason could He possibly have, for allowing some of the people we see, to do what they do?  I’ve heard it said often lately, that many are concerned, about there being so many people running around, saying they are prophets and apostles; even Bishops and such.  What real purpose would God have, for not instantly putting a stop to those who are not what they say they are?  Why all of these fakes, frauds and schemers?

So those who are approved, might be manifested.  What does that mean?  Some folk will never recognize a counterfeit or copy, until they have seen the real thing.  We do learn as we go, and we often gain insight by just watching and observing people.  The problem with many of us today, is that we are not watching; we’re not paying attention.  Those who are not truly genuine, will wobble; sooner or later.  They do not have the depth, or the wisdom and knowledge, it takes for the long haul.  Those who truly operate in the Spirit, can be seen by those around them.  They manifest what’s real.

By now, I guess many of us have talked, about seeking the approval of men; wanting to be accepted by our peers, more than to be accepted by God.  It’s taken a lot of years, for many of us to see that.  A real prophet of God, would have likely walked in and said, what do you people think you are doing.  This is supposed to the house of the Lord; and He has sent me to bring you a message.  Oh, I don’t know that many of us were aware, just how much we sought the approval of others; putting them before God.

The system men created, was to elevate certain people ‘they’ approved of.  Oh, we couldn’t say such things; actually, we can’t now.  One thing for sure, if you did not have their favor, you did not get very far.  Too many talented and gifted folk, were never given a chance to manifest what the Spirit had invested in them; they didn’t have the right connections.  Does anyone even realize, just how much that hurt.  We were taught, that God would exalt us in due time; and we would have been, if God had been the one exalting.

Did it truly ever occur to some people, that the fact they hadn’t done much studying, was obvious.  We were told to study, to show ourselves approved unto God.  If we are not approved of God first, being approved by others, does not matter.  Those with true Spiritual depth, will know the difference.  If God does not approve us, we simply cannot rightly divide the word of truth.  Praying for the Spirit to open our understanding, is vital.  Without that, we could study, without receiving, revelation.

I want to know today, what God thinks of me; am I approved.  Let those that are approved, be manifested.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. Brother keep your eyes on Christ. He Our Lord said ” If I be lifted up all men will be drawn unto me.” In Him we recieve discernment. He is in control but allow Him to position you to see. His light unveils counterfeits and those who lift up His name and witness to the world His works and power change hearts and minds. When you focus on people and their works you are not giving your mind to Christ. As Peter focused on the storm, he sank. If you give people the Glory and attention Christ deserves you are in danger of losing sight of truth. He is our source and He is in control. Glory to Our Lord Jesus!! Our Lord Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!