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  1. As I have studied the Bible I have come to the conclusion that ALL ‘religions’ in reality are nothing more than a great great falling away from the One true God and the Word of God.

    For an example The hindus know there must be some kind of ‘washing in water for to be cleansed from sin’ and they are therefore bathing in Ganges. They have also holy cows (compare the heifer in the Bible)
    Buddhism knows there must be an kind of meditation for to reach spiritual knowledge but have fallen away to meditate on false spirits instead of meditating on the Word of God (Joshua 1:8)

    The north american indians talked about the ‘Great Spirit and the Great Eagle, just as God speaks about in the Bible’ and they have in some tribes a cross as a sign for a ‘good omen’.

    Islam has also some truths because it origins from knowledge from the Bible, but some truths can never be the whole truth.

    Also Nordic mythology (Tor and Oden and other ‘asa gods’) origins from the Bible.
    For exampel it has the story about the god Tor and his hammer.
    And who is the “Torah” if not the Word of God (Jesus)and His Word is like a hammer!
    ‘Tor and Oden and the Asa gods’ also exists in some sphere that is called ‘Midgard’.
    The hebrew word for ‘wilderness’ is Midbar.

    Thanks to God we can follow the true God and His Word!

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