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Are Feeling the Squeeze Right Now? — 5 Comments

  1. May Christ light continue to shine in us to disperse every form of darkness that tries to entangles us in Jesus Christ name.
    Yes, the spirit of Antichrist is every where now in the world.
    We ought to pray more everyday to God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy spirit for more divine wisdom & understanding & clarification. This is what I do often.
    God bless you woman of God for sharing . Thanks

  2. Great the above MESSAGE, as “WE THE ***People***” are under the ways of one never fully MOST Corrupted Dictatorships Federal and several States Government on this land of AMERICA, with total FULL FAITH to Our Creators, written LAWS. Blocked by the ones whom caused 20 years ago, the killings of AMERICANS, today in total silly destructive power, once again.


    JN 19

    1 TI 2

    PR 15 to 28

    DT 16

    JMS 5

    PHP 3

    2 CO 9


  3. I just kicked this Spirit out of my home which had taken up residence within a woman I was helping who had been in a Christian Ministry I’d been attending. Her and her two girls found themselves homeless after making a poor decision to marry an abusive man.
    I realized shortly after taking them in that there was zero mention of Jesus. I finally asked her if she believed Jesus came in the flesh, her response was, “are you going to judge my response?” My response to this was “I need you out today!!” We were in a grocery store a couple weeks ago and I was standing with her waiting while the spirit led her as to which watermelon to pick, I pointed to the beautiful one on top but she dug to the bottom for the only rotten one in the group and told me the spirit of god was wanting to speak to me through her choice to do this. He sure did, my Lord shared with me that the spirit she’s listening to chooses AND produces bad fruit.
    I love Loving-kindness, but was very proud of myself and grateful to my Father for the Boldness of the Lion He’d kindly imparted to me which has ZERO tolerance for the anticbrist.
    Thank you Deborah :)

  4. Amen!! So much confirmation in this word and if all that can be said is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…that is enough. Satan hates the name of Jesus and at the mention of the name Jesus…demons must flee. Choose to live, choose Jesus.

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