Are YOU in the Remnant?


God has always had an obedient people.  Even in times when most everyone else was following the ways of men and worshipping other images, someone, remained true.  When it seemed that everyone else was bowing to the powers of this world, somebody stood up and refused to cater to them.  Following God, was number one.

Christ has a Church; He said He did, and He does.  It’s the enemies desire to make so many feel that they are all alone in seeking the face of the Lord.  Even Elijah, thought he was the only one left.  It may be necessary that Christ cleans up His church; but He has one, and when He gets ready, they will come forth as gold.

Persecution and tribulation has started, and it is likely to get much worse; in fact, He said it would.  I heard it said once, that Jesus Christ, is not coming back for a weak, watered down, church.

Years ago, most of us thought we had some things figured out.  I think we can say, without reservation, that things did not turn out as we imagined.  We have seen things in the house of the Lord, we never dreamed we would see.  It was prophesied, over and again; however, many of us remain so stunned.  Those “perilous times,” did not mean so much forty years ago.  But now, we see them, and it makes sense more and more all the time.  This promoting of self, this self-centeredness, and everyone for their own little group, has grown with the times.  But the remnant, is about to arise.

Looking back down the road, if we are spiritual enough to do so, lets us see precious souls, scattered in every direction.  I say again, in the fear of the Lord, this having a “form,” without the genuine power that goes with it, is something we did not even think pertained to us.

Seeing it happen in so many places, has made it a reality; we now know, who the apostle was talking about.  Who would have dreamed, our groups as a whole, would not be restoring fallen people; that so many of us, would not be spiritual enough or meek enough, to do it.  Lost sheep, remain lost, to this very day.

There are those who have been set aside; Jesus Christ reserved them.  They are committed to his purpose and following Him, no matter what. I  tell you, they will give their very life, if they have to.  Even in groups that have actually strayed far, from what we once were, there’s a remnant.

All over this country, and all over this world, there are people who have made it up in their mind.  They are going to return to their first love; no man will stop them.  It may take more tribulation, and going through things we never even thought we would face; but, we’ve decided.

We want all of the gifts of the Spirit in complete demonstration; the full five-fold ministries in operation, and we will not settle for less.

We have decided, to follow the Holy Ghost.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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