Arise and take up your Armor

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Arise and take up your Armor
God’s Judgment is not the same as Ours


Arise and take up your Armor

Arise and take up your armor, for there is a battle that is about to rage upon the earth.  There is about to be a spiritual uprising which will require us to be armed with specific strategies and weapons of warfare.

It’s time to sharpen up in the Spirit and be prepared for these new attacks that shall be launched against the Kingdom of God by satan.  The intense warfare which is coming forth will required vessels who are fully equipped with the Armor of God – with spiritual authority and skills and a lifestyle of holiness, so that they will come out victorious.

You will not be able to fight the enemy living a compromising and sinful lifestyle.  These spirits are increasing in strength against the Body of Christ because the people are involved with so much of the world.  The spiritual decline has rapidly increased because the hearts of the people have embraced a lie rather, than the truth. They have turned from the Word of God and forsaken His ways, to fulfill the lust of the flesh.

We have too many people who say they are “born again,” but yet their life exhibits no change from their sinful ways.

We must not engage in warfare with fleshly weapons which are man made ideas, but we must come with the spiritual weapons which The Lord has made available to us.  We need the Word of God!

We must fast and pray.  We must line our lives up with the holiness and righteousness of God.  We must be filled with the Spirit of God and the knowledge of God and also know our enemy.  Our carnal weapons will not defeat a spirit, because our warfare is not with flesh and blood.

We have to daily seek The Lord cry out unto Him seek His face and listen to Him as He gives us the strategies and plans to go into combat against satan and his army in these last days and hours.  This is no time to play in the Kingdom of God, instead, we must get geared up for what is to come.

We are seeing the evidence that is leading us to the coming of The Lord but the church is going backwards instead of forward in the war against sin and evil.  Where are the leaders who should be calling for prayer and fasting for shut-ins and prayer meetings?   Those who should be crying loud against wickedness and evil?  Those who refuse to bow to the enemy but will lead the church into the battle to win souls and prepare the church for the coming of The Lord?

THIS IS A WAR CRY!!!  Open your ears to hear and your eyes to see what the Spirit is saying in this hour!!!


God’s Judgment is not the same as Ours

EXCUSE ME:  But there are persons in the United States [and around the world] who have not bowed to evil, neither the world systems, who are fasting praying and living holy lives and crying out day and night for God’s mercy and grace and for the heart of the people to change.

For all of you who want it destroyed because of sin, it would mean that the whole world must be destroyed because there is sin going on in every nation!  Yes, God can send judgment, but some of you are only pronouncing judgment because of your flesh and not because God spoke.

There is a difference.  God will judge righteously, while we want judgment because of our emotions.  Some of you are speaking from your flesh and you want something to happen so your word can be true.

The Lord won’t allow something to happen just to spare your ego or to validate your pride or your presumptuous word!  He moves according to His will His time and His season.  He performs His word, not your lying witchcraft!!

Be it known that God is a God of mercy and grace and is long suffering toward us, because He is not willing that any perish, but that all will come to repentance.  He moves and judges according to His plan.

God is not our puppet whom we think is going to perform our whims and wishes because we want to be super deep and want people to think we have such deep and wonderful revelations from The Lord!

Speaking & saying “The Lord saith” is very serious in this hour, and for people to have no fear of God and lie on God, is ridiculous and dangerous.  Yes, there are things taking place in the lands, things are already spoken of in the Word, and they must come to pass.

The Lord is speaking through His Prophets to align His people with His will and His word -they are revealing the hidden dangers of the enemy, to make His people aware of what is going on.

Be it known that we are praying and seeking God in the United States.  Not all of us are caught up in sin, compromise and foolishness.  Some of us our serious about the Kingdom of God and we are also praying for God’s protection from our enemies who want our nation destroyed.

Yes, God may give us a word of judgment, but if you are a person who has the heart of God and the love of God within you, then you won’t rejoice that souls are going to be lost – but you will fall on your knees and ask God for mercy, so that their soul won’t be lost.

We just not going to sit back and let the enemy destroy us or our land!!!   Serving notice to the devil!!!  We won’t go down without a fight!!!


Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God.  She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. All these years for this? How long have we waited? I remember it all, but I am letting the Lord Sort it out, Emotions are indeed manipulated easily, logic and wisdom are not. That’s why when the Church is affected by Jezebel it becomes about Emotions, Feelings, rather than truth, and the reality of Holiness of Who God is. Jezebel, Witchcraft work hand in hand with moving and manipulating emotions, Satan? He loves feelings, is why he made drugs, if its all about a feeling then surely we are missing out on the Voice of GOD. A feeling won’t feel us up for the Journey ahead, feelings will only last for a season, is like feeding a congregation of multitudes with feelings, rather than LONG SUFFERING with Christ.
    How many really have suffered in the FLESH for the Gospel? Its as if people forget their roots! their ancestors, and how much they suffered, just to have a FEELING of POWER, a FEELING is nothing! FREE MASONS Black, Jew or WHITE go by FEELINGS! Illuminati go by FEELINGS! LONG SUFFERING builds character and a strong IDENTITY and a foundation in the Lord. Long Suffering can range from 1 day to 7 years, to how ever long the Lord allows it! Look at Moses and the People in the dessert? I am sure that was long suffering! but even then, why were they disqualified of the SURE TRUE eternal reward even entering the place of rest the LORD had prepared for them in their Journey? Because they WANTED THE SHORT QUICK WAY OUT! instead of PUSHING ALL THE WAY TO THE RESTING PLACE, but most IMPORTANTLY! REMEMBERING THEIR ROOTS! Meaning remembering of the PITTS OF Death, darkens and HELL The LORD BROUGHT them OUT OF! Lets not stop half way to the Promise LAND and SAY WE MADE IT! I don’t wanna disrespect anyone here! but THESE “Revivals” why are they just happening now? Revivals are not about feelings, the Holy Spirit is not about a Feeling! Revivals are not about Standing TALL in a stage and making people move by STRONG EMOTIONS! whether excitement, or peace, Feelings are only but for a season! Its like feeling up with WATER, earthly water! it will quench the thirst, but soon after ALL the(se) peoples will return to their ways, to their unbelief, the feelings will wear off and bam! another revival! another effort to COMPLETE what the LORD Started, except that we have to start ALL THE WAY FROM EGYPT! Its why I REFUSE emotions! Emotions can be used! manipulated and that is WITCHCRAFT! Emotions are weak! The Lord Is strong, and we are made perfect in nothingness! that’s why, we must NEVER forget our past, even our ancestors and what they endured! LONG SUFFERING IS THE KEY! not Revivals of water that ONLY last for a season!

    Here is something I wrote on the FACEBOOK PAGE that I wanna share with all if I may, if its not appropriate then may it be deleted.

    Its just to add some thought!

    I don’t fully agree, too much witchcraft in the Land, too much Freemasonry, too much manipulation, being sheltered and protected by God does not make such reality and realms less powerful and existance, is like allowing a thief to cone steal from your house, abuse your kids, and you say, its okay thief I love you. No its not so. Ones we see a degree of darkness, and reality we realize God judges a Nation because he chastices those he loves, so what? We let the Good feelings overpower reality? Is not so either, God doesn’t spare the Rod from those he Loves, it be like Jesus allowing the people in the temple and never over turning their tables, there is much Gods grace allows and is sufficient but is not a license to sin. Is God limited by Geographic position? No. Is God changed by politixs in one Region, and then to another? No. Does God need a passport to visit the Nations? No. Is God limited by a culture or languages? So he also needs a translator? No. So he if he doesn’t have any favorites, does that not apply to the whole world? Who does the earth belong to an all in it? The Lord, for the earth is his footstool.

    Now, how many people would LOVE to go to Church in the middle East, and not be persecuted? What about us here? We aren even persecuted yet!

    No, it’s not truth, good filings, nice stuff does not mean Gods not angry. Does not mean we are justified over other nations, and we can cover our sins and play Church. Fear of the Lord is start of all knowledge.

    Look how much we have! Churches and churches and churches in every corner! What about in China? What about third wotld countries, they have less or times close to nothing! Yet they morally live more Godly lives. How many virgins are left before marriage? And how many marriages last?

    No, the Lord will not change his judgments or his word based on a few pretty feelings of people. Feelings don’t lead to true repentance. America is not excempt. Period, is it my ego? My flesh? No not only is my human common sense but is the WORLD we live in, but most importantly the Word of God.

    We are like pigs goats and lambs fattened to the slaughter, we are filled with sin, unbelief, cruelty, abortion! I bet if a study was made? And all South America with part of Central America was studied as a whole in regards to abortions? The USA would outbrim its self against all those countries put together.

    Ezekiel 13-15! Devastation came to Israel! The apple of his eye! For its sins. No, its enough games in the Church, if anyone a single person in America has not heard the Gospel is not because there isn’t enough Churches to get saved, its because people dont want to.
    So we have no excuse.

    Its more of flesh and ego to say God won’t judge us, than to say he will. Its a fact.

    Gods not going to make more revivals to keep reviving the disease of its people and the Churches. The revival is not a bang! Big! Emotional experience. Revival starts in the hearts and is by salvation of Christ and the Holy Spirit in mens heart.

    We have no excuses. America is filthy with its sins. Its the deception of man, that makes us think we are okay.

    America The only warning God has giving you and is Giving you is that you turned from him.

    Now these are ONLY few videos I found, but PLEASE! They are very graphic! WARNING!
    Video ONE
    Video TWO

    Video THREE

    How many go hungry in the States? WE ARE BLESSED BEYOND MEASURES! HIGHLY FAVORED! The sins of ONE nations are NOT The sins of ANOTHER NATION!


    In CHURCH TODAY! How many truly suffer as these Christians in these videos? It be an INSULT Much less a good sermon to say that God won’t judge this nations. I say this OPENLY not directed to attack anyone or any “Group” of people. IF God is the ONE who will JUDGE IT? Then what is MAN to do with it if its God himself?

    I am sorry but Witchcraft is present in the Church and allowed to run rampant because NO ONE endures LONG suffering for Christ.

    I am not even worthy my self, but I have had to endure patiently many things, now may the Lord Convict the hearts, because I doubt the Holy Spirit will say ONE thing to ONE person? then ANOTHER to Another person.
    Not a PROPHET<<< but this is a CALL FOR WISDOM and DISCERNMENT, and these are not found in the SOUL OF MEN (EMOTIONS)

    • Hi Erik,
      In future, please keep comments shorter :)
      They are more effective and have a chance to be read.
      Few if anybody, will read a solid block of text…..
      Blessings in Christ,

  2. 2 Corinthians 6:17 (NKJV)
    17 Therefore
    “Come out from among them
    And be separate, says the Lord.
    Do not touch what is unclean,
    And I will receive you.”