Arise in Greater Kingdom Authority & Identity


Yes!  Its time to arise in greater Kingdom authority and to shine in greater Kingdom identity!

I Prophesy:  The hot house of His Spirit has prepared you for this deeper place and the seed of your faith and expectation is now birthing fruit and more fruit and fruit that will remain.

Do not just look, but see.  Come up higher, there are new pathways of provision that are being uncovered and revealed to you in this hour.

Double doors of hope will open up before you.

Listen!  Do not be tempted into believing the lies and whispers of the enemy that tell you that it is too late, and it’s been too long, and things can never change!

I Prophesy:  The God of the impossible has intervened on your behalf.

He has taken you under His Wing.  He has made you invisible to the onslaught of the devourer.

I Prophesy:  In this next season, you will know and testify of Him as being the mighty breaker that has gone before you; that He is your battle-ax and sword in the midst of conflict and with Him, you have gone forth to shatter the nations and destroy the kingdom of darkness.

Be of good courage, He is the all powerful and only true and faithful intercessor.  His eye is forever and always upon you.

He is in the midst of you as the mighty one who will save and deliver!

Come now…Rejoice!  He has lifted His Banner of Love over you; He has quietened your fearful heart and healed the brokenness of your past.

He is bringing forth beauty from ashes in this hour, and by the power of His unchanging love towards you, He will exult over you with loud singing, and bring you into the place of manifest promise, fulfillment and Kingdom destiny.

Get ready!  Get ready!!  Get ready!!!

Get ready to be shifted out of the old and into the new!

Get ready to be taken beyond this place of stagnation and lack!

Get ready to lifted into new realms and greater dimensions of faith and expectation!

Get ready to move from limitation and limited vision into a place of supernatural sight, wisdom and revelation!

Get ready to run with greater momentum, as heavy yokes of fear and unbelief are broken!

Get ready to rise up and take your place, to rule and reign as kings and high priests in the earth, for such a time as this!

Get ready to take dominion over the works of darkness that threaten to diminish the light of His glory and grace in this season!

Get ready to march, move and advance into a new land!

Get ready to build, establish and occupy the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.

Get ready to dig your heels in deeper and stand your ground, for there is a strange and contrary wind that is blowing upon the earth in this hour!

Get ready to pursue, overtake and recover all!

Get ready, make room, for God is giving you the spoils of war in this hour!

Get ready, for the sound of victory and triumph is rising up in the land!

Get ready to lift up your swords, for the head of the giant will be cut off!

Get ready to receive the victor’s crown, for the battle is won and the name of the LORD shall be lifted high above the earth!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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  1. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, hallelujah, Glory, Glory, Glory, Thank you Daddy. Hallelujah !B3V2