Arise Mighty Warrior Bride!


The Mighty One laughs at the works of the enemy and then He rises in fury to shut the mouth of the toothless lion!

Why the big noise, nations?
Why the mean plots, peoples?
Earth-leaders push for position,
Demagogues and delegates meet for summit talks,
The God-deniers, the Messiah-defiers:
“Let’s get free of God!
Cast loose from Messiah!”
Heaven-throned God breaks out laughing.
At first he’s amused at their presumption;
Then he gets good and angry.
Furiously, he shuts them up:
“Don’t you know there’s a King in Zion?
A coronation banquet
Is spread for him on the holy summit.”
Let me tell you what God said next.
He said, “You’re my son,
And today is your birthday.
What do you want? Name it:
Nations as a present? continents as a prize?
You can command them all to dance for you,
Or throw them out with tomorrow’s trash.”
So, rebel-kings, use your heads;
Upstart-judges, learn your lesson:
Worship God in adoring embrace,
Celebrate in trembling awe. Kiss Messiah!
Your very lives are in danger, you know;
His anger is about to explode,
But if you make a run for God — You will not regret it.

I hear the words, “Arise oh you mighty warriors, now is the time to advance and occupy.”

The Spirit says, “Arise Mighty Warrior Bride!

It is Time, I AM giving you greater Boldness to take your beliefs beyond the boundaries of safety.

I AM catapulting you forward into uncharted waters, where by My the Spirit you will rebuild and restore what has been destroyed by the powers of darkness.

I Call you My Radical Reformers and Radical Transformers.

I have Anointed and Appointed you by Royal Decree, I have sealed you by My Precious and Powerful Blood, nothing shall hinder you, or halt your advancing, for surely I have hardened you to difficulty and fashioned your hands for War,”  says God.

“This is a Time to Advance and not look back.  This is a Time to Move as one.  This is a Time to move swiftly, going forth into enemy territory, for I AM taking you where no man has gone before.

I have given you the heart of a Lion and teeth like a sharp threshing instrument, eyes of the eagle and the Winds of My Spirit will carry you and move you fast forward in Time.

NOW is the Time to Establish and Occupy,”  says God.

“NOW I AM releasing an Apostolic and Prophetic Order that shall not be diminished or disarmed.   For I AM rearranging and rearranging again,”  says God.

“There is a mighty overthrowing of every throne of darkness that has been established in the Earth.  Did I not say, I come to bring the sword and not Peace?

Now you will Watch, as I Stand over My Word and bring to pass that which I have Decreed and made plain.  

I AM the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and I shall not be moved or mocked.  For TIME is in MY HAND,”  says God

I shall silence the tongue of the wicked and destroy their idols.  I shall bring down their lofty ideas and cause destruction to come upon their own heads,”   says God.

“For Justice and Vindication shall go forth to accomplish My purposes among the Nations.  

My people shall see that I AM the Almighty God and they shall see the fulfillment of My Word.

Be Ready as one of the ten virgins, have your oil lamps fill, for I AM coming swiftly and silently,”   says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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