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  1. Dear sister, this is true, and Yes and Amen, Halleluyah, so true ! I AM IN JERUSALEM since Sunday, after heavy attacks of the enemy all the time before. I sang at the Western Wall, not hidden or lukewarm. I sang “Vehi Sheamda”, the translation is: “And she stands”. I sang this morning in the breakfast room of a big pilgrim guesthouse, and I sang during my walks in the Old City. GOD gave me the order, the task to do so, through psalms, esp. psalm 47. I spoke of the truth of Jesus Christ in a private mosque in the Via Dolorosa, where they gave out the Quran in many languages for free. They yelled like in a market place… Next day I returned and gave the Muslim imam a Bible in English-Arab language. He grabbed it and rushed away with it in his car. The people here sense and see that I AM SENT BY THE LORD. I have much more favour than enemies in God’s City. I payed a high prize for everything, but bread, water and tea is always provided for me by friendly people here ! They call me in, they invite me as soon as they notice me. I wear a simple headcovering, and as a Christian woman I am not ashamed of wearing it, for it is written in the Holy Bible when women should wear it. It is a sign for the visible and for the unseen world, and for the angels ! God Himself is with me, and yes, He leaded me to noble and to terrible dirty places. It’s not about me when I say: Even the cats stand still when I come and stare at me, and here are many cats everywhere. God tells us to preach the Good News to every creature… and to every animal that crosses my path, at least I say: “JESUS CHRIST RETURNS SOON”.

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