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Backfire Justice is Now Being Served! — 3 Comments

  1. Oh how Great and Mighty is our GOD!
    Yes Lord vengeance IS yours and your shall repay.
    May we all reap what we have sown so diligently.
    A 10 fold recompense I pray.
    Now we soberly watch as the arm of the Lord does his work on our behalf.
    In love and faith.

  2. I have witness this this day upon my enemies, my accusers, vicious attacks against me, falling on their own heads, is what I prayed it to be, before
    I heard it, for it is happening to them. I was robbed, now it is back to sender he to will be robbed, and repay back to me seven times greater. Glory to God.
    Yes I will reap a harvest of Great Reward in this set time Month of December.
    Amen and Amen ! Shouts of Victory !!

  3. Awesome Words, Yes Backfire Justice, is indeed working in my behalf. I decree that it is working for my good. Evil deeds of my enemies, back to sender upon their heads, I decree it in Jesus’ name amen. How awesome are your words this day Abba? I love you.

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