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Be Filled With The Holy Spirit — 3 Comments

  1. Praise God! Thank you Abba Father and my Sister June, for this enlightening word! Yes Lord, draw me nearer to You! Your Presence means Everything to Me.  This Word as usual- is so full of Hope & Encouragement- And I am so very excited, and in great expectation of seeing the word become flesh in my life like never before! GLORY TO GOD! Thank You Lord for Your Great Love and AMAZING GREAT GRACE!!!❣️

  2. Yes, thank you my Lord. I need that, to draw closer again to you then before. You are my everything and I want to know you more and more. Thank you Beloved Ruach for reminding us again. Thank You mighty woman of God. Shalom

  3. Reading this prophecy, I felt I need God the more in my life. I have through a lot for so long and I so wish for a time when everything will stop… Only if I can find God. This will surely give me a reason to live beyond this year

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