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Open Your Mouth Wide — It’s a Time of War! (Updated) — 14 Comments

  1. I frequently get words from the Lord but I had an unusual experience which led me to your site when I searched, “Morse code” and “prophesy.” A couple of days ago I noticed I was hearing Morse code when I awakened in the morning. I quickly determined by plugging my ears I was not hearing it audibly. Plugging my ears had no effect on my hearing although I could only hear it in my right ear. It was a repeating series of several letters but I have no idea what it meant. I don’t know Morse code. Your input is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Larry

  2. November 29,2020 God woke me in the night and gave me the exact same words, “Morse Code”. I’ve been meditating and declaring what Number23:23 says “what hath God wrought”. Ive been wondering about tongues and morse code. I pray in the spirit, will continue and expect even more from the Lord along these lines.
    Thank you for your post.

    We will see the Salvation of the Lord in this Nation- “What hath God Wrought”. All the Glory to God!

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