Be Prepared for the Storm!

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Be Prepared for the Storm!

For those who are going through intense battles.

“I AM about to take you out of the greatest storm that has hit your life.  Be it sickness, infirmities, etc…

I AM here to set you free. 

I AM here to set you apart. 

I AM here to expel the darkness around you.

Lift up your praises to My Name!

It is you and me and we will take this nation by force.”

“The kingdom of Heaven sufferers violence, but the violent take it by force,”   Matthew 11:12.

Praise His mighty Name this morning, because He is worthy to be praised.

He wants to set His People free, so we can do all that he has called us to do.

No more limitations!  No more blockages.  We are here to move when He says, ‘Move’ and go when He says, ‘Go’ and no longer can the enemy hold us down.

His Glory is about to be seen in the land and we are about to explode!

I AM Taking You!

“I AM taking you further!  I AM taking you higher!

You will soar above the clouds . It is me who raises up and it is me who brings low.

I have you seated in heavenly places.  Though you cannot see it now this is where I AM taking you.

There is so much to be accomplished.  Each of you plays a different part.  No one is better than the next.

You each have so much to learn.  Everyone learns in their due time.  The growth stages are now going to accelerate.

They are accelerating because of the times you are living in.  You cannot remain the same.

The darkness is rising.  My Glory is going to become brighter.  We are to set captives free.  We are to take land through My Name!”


~ Kelly Ewing

Kelley Ewing Kelley — Her heart’s desire is to remain in the secret place and abide in His love.  Kelley also runs her own website “Heart Two Heart“.


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