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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus we can live in your shelter
    January 2nd in the evening, I was thinking of the words some used to write in their articles, “come up higher”, I looked up and smiled at the words when suddenly I was lifted up higher :-) I could now see from up higher, evil and condemning eyes and words aiming at me hit another places. Some of those with these eyes and words were simply working hard to stay accepted in their groups. Some had taken a stand and refused Christ as savior. Do not look back dear ones, come up higher, go to the shelter of the Lord. Be thankful and pray for everyone, even adversaries for they do not know what they are doing, our Lord Jesus is listening to the meek.
    My husband once got a gift from his work, a smaller glass case. His colleges got one also. We were talking about these glass cases, that if one of them wanted to make an exhibition, they could just call the others and borrow theirs. I saw in a vision, a place that looked like that some had been standing there for some time, but now was gone. This place was small, well-defined and round, that was when I came to think about the glass case, it looked like a person had been standing inside such a glass case, and now the glass case and the person was gone. I looked around and could now see other such points. God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

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