Be Ready, Radical Change Is Coming!


There are many who are receiving fresh empowerment.

Many are becoming supernaturally sensitised to what is occurring in the spiritual realm.  You are being alerted ahead of time, to what is taking place!

Be ready to change, shift and turn!

I hear father say, “Press in, press in, I AM breaking the power of illusion and distortion that has distracted and caused many to become disheartened and disconnected.

I AM dismantling strongholds and exposing strangleholds.

I AM reordering your steps and rearranging the boundary lines of your life.

Son, daughter, you are being reshaped and sharpened, shifted and turned in this hour.  No longer will you be the round peg in a square hole, no longer will you say, “I do not belong,” for I AM relocating and orchestrating changes that will cause you to bring forth fruit and fruit that will remain,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Be Ready, Radical Change Is Coming! — 2 Comments

  1. I receive your Words, this day Father God. This is my word.
    Thank you Father, for dismantling strongholds, and exposing strangleholds. I’m pressing In I’m pressing In Glory to God, for alerting me ahead of time, in what is about to happen now.
    I am Ready, for Change, Shift, and Turnaround!
    Glory, Thank you Abba, Thank you, Veronica West, Blessings upon your life, for speaking his words this day for me.
    Rhema Word. Thank you, Glory !

  2. I receive your WORDS Abba, thank you, this day. Awesome, Rhema Word.
    Thank you Veronika, for speaking his words this day. Glory to God !!!!!!!!