Be ye led by MY Spirit, saith the Lord!


For the Spirit of the Lord would say to His remnant, His elect, that He is heightening you in the gifts of faith, wisdom, understanding, and discernment needed to maneuver in the days ahead.

For the enemy has many schemes and tactics to hinder and deter you from moving forward in the “escaping these things that are coming upon this earth”.

Many are not prepared but, I AM releasing angels to go forth in this season to assist and bring my chosen ones into perfect alignment to my will and purposes in which that I have already spoken to them.

I AM releasing finances to many of you to whom I have already spoken and declared to you, who would come forth in season.

For many are speaking and saying thus saith the Lord, when I have not spoken to lead and direct many back into the hard bondage I have already delivered and lead them out from.

For I AM bringing forth mine elect in this hour, out of all the hard bondage’s in which they have been made to serve and bringing them into the rest that I have designed for them.

Many have allowed circumstances surrounding their natural lives, that the enemy created, to dictate and lead them further from My Spirit, saith the Lord.  Have not I spoken unto you, not to look to your left nor, your right, but, to look straight ahead and follow Me and not the voice of strangers all around you?

For have I not sworn in My wrath that they shall not enter into My rest because of unbelief, which is disobedience?  For many are seeking My rest as it is by works, and not by faith in the finished work I have already completed.  They are stumbling over Me, as if I have become a stumbling block to them.  Repent and get back in faith, says the Spirit of God.  For anything that is not of faith, is sin.

For My sheep hear My voice and the voice of strangers, they will not follow.  Many false prophets are speaking in this hour, and it is a lying spirit sent forth in their mouths.  Be ye wise as the serpent, yet harmless as a dove.

I have allowed you to be tested and tried in the fire but, I have already declared and spoken the end of the matter from the beginning, and it shall be even as I have already spoken to you.

For I have already spoken that I would bring you through the waters and through the fire and out into a wealthy place.  For it is essential that you be led by My Spirit not your own, nor any other than My Spirit, Saith the Lord, in order that ye may escape these things that are coming upon this earth.

Do not be moved by these voices.  Do not be moved by circumstances for they are about to change right before your very eyes, saith the Spirit of the Living God.  I will glorified in you and all those around you will see my greater glory as I come forth in this hour in great power and great glory to manifest all that I have already spoken unto you.

Stand firm in the faith and hold fast to the words I have delivered unto you.  See that you do not move from one of them.  Do not be moved, saith the Lord, for I AM thy deliver and I will rescue you, and bring you forth as I have spoken and promised to do and ye shall know that I AM the Lord thy God when I have performed all that I have spoken unto thee.

Many shall come to me in full surrender in the days ahead as they see me perform and manifest my glory in this earth through my chosen vessels saith the Lord.

Straight and narrow is the way saith the Spirit, follow thou me, for I will not lead thee astray but, I will bring thee out from all the places wherein you have been driven and bring you forth to possess all that I have ordained for thee, saith the Spirit of the Living God.


~ Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly FullerKimberly Fuller



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