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Begin to Get Excited! — 2 Comments

  1. Truth is truth. The Lord has spoken and He has raised up another King. To deny Gods decision and authority is rebellion.
    Be forewarned. Trump had his time and his time is up
    Accept it. Denial is a dangerous mindset.

  2. Our adversary will always over play his hand because he is incapable of walking in the fruit of the Spirit. One aspect of that is patience – so the Accuser can never be perpetually patient. He’s incapable; impatience is just one of his many weaknesses. He’s like the serial killer who leaves his telltale signature at the site of every evil act. His own vanity is his undoing, no matter how vast the infrastructure of his works may be – including the present endeavor.
    LORD, we stand with you and proclaim your will and purpose over all the kingdom of darkness!
    Blessed be the Name of the LORD!

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