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Beginning and Your End — 4 Comments

  1. Yes Amen.
    Thank you Jesus my Savior my rock, my rock. I love you Jesus, thank you for caring about me. Your grace and mercy are countless.

    Thank you Jesus for redeeming my destiny, making me soar like an eagle with wings, and like an eagle returning to youth again.

    Yes LORD ,My purpose is sealed in Your Holy Spirit,Thank you Jesus for giving me rest, joy and peace.

  2. The message displays the magnificiency and tremendous power of our God. Those whom He has written in His Book of life before creation – like architect – will hear His call, and respond. No words to express Him, except what He said Himself: “I Am Who I Am” (also future tense),
    Exo 3:14.

  3. Thank you for confirmation. Your prophetic voice resounds with what I hear after my deep prayers and reflection this past week. Thank you blessed Holy Spirit!

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