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Betrayal in the Pews — 3 Comments

  1. Oh that was and is me.. I’m a preacher and hurt and seem to be sssoooo deep.  I wish I had someone to talk to for real….
    I’m tired feeling and thinking about what was done to me. and I did forgive, however I have to keep everybody else up. No one knows what I’m feeling HELP!!
    Please pray for me!!!!

  2. It saddens me to think that some people thirsty for the Lord and weary come to this website for a rhema word end up finding Christians attacking and accusing each other in a public forum – when these matters should be addressed privately and gently with the person believed to be at fault. This would not hinder those who innocently are seeking fellowship and exchange with other believers to Hear from the Lord.

    I thought New Testament believers were to bless not to curse [ redacted ]. Is that honoring each other? Is that walking in love? Is it right?

    • Dear Loverocks,
      Thank you for your comment.  We understand your sentiments, but these things need to be brought out into the open, for the main reason that many Christians have no clue as to what their duties are, or what ought to be reasonably expected of them in Church.
      That said, it is not necessarily the fault of the offender, but the lack of full gospel teaching what allows such errant behavior to flourish to the point where the Lord requires our prophets to bring a word of correction to us.
      These situations may not be happening in your Church, and that is good news!  But sadly they are endemic around the world, and will get worse, as the enemy strengthens and redoubles his persecution of Christians and the Church, by placing his agents within the Body of Christ to bring it down. 
      Yes, we are asked to walk in love, but we are also called to correct as Matthew 18:15-17, and if a person will not be corrected, to treat them as an heathen and disassociate ourselves from that person.  How can people know this, if no one tells them?  Or if no pastor ever does it?
      Your unsubstantiated allegation our writers guidance on this has been redacted. 
      Thank you again for your comment and your patronage of His Kingdom Prophecy website.  Both are greatly appreciated.

      Blessings in Christ,

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