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Beware The Demons of Facebook and Social Media! — 3 Comments

  1. Facebook is not a platform for believers. I know Christians say they use it to share the word but I’ve never opened the bible and had to sift through garbage and all kinds of lascivious images and wickedness. I can literally hear the counsel in hell on Facebook…devil speaks to his imps…”we must come up with something that will keep them all preoccupied, especially those that are not of our kingdom yet…it will have to be something that will appeal to their flesh in a subtle way at first then we gradually turn up the heat…even if they use to share His Message it will appeal to their inner human nature to see the applause and approval…a place that they can build their own “little” kindgom…sharing their own story and lives so much so they will soon forget about His,at least in their hearts…and isn’t this where it really counts. Yeah yeah….we will have them all believers and non believers all distracted and totally obsessed by this great new entity that we’ve put out…they will so enjoy the pursuit of increase of their own little kingdom and will not even notice how His Kingdom pursuit has decreased. Ahhh what a plan…let’s call this great thing
    Social Media. Give them all the same device and watch them eventually use it all the same way”

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