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Beware the Rats! — 3 Comments

  1. I had a dream few nights ago. I was in some old house with a lot of dirt around, no trees, the dream was very brown in color. There was a voice that said, “Beware of the rats.”

  2. Thank God who by his Mercy & Grace has revealed Satan’s strategies through various agents with aim to steal, kill & destroy God’s coming revival harvests. May the Holy spirit arrest these rats just like Saul; turn them into vessels of honour in His vineyards; strengthen; shield & up hold the new converts to stand firmly in faith.

  3. Yep.  I lost a professional position of ten years when I got saved and getting rid of me was not enough, they poisoned my reputation in the business community.  God used all that to give me a business strategy that paid tremendously better.  More importantly, He used it to show me hiw to forgive.  In the end I had a vision of the prior friends as puppets on the strings of satan and my heart went from pain and rage to compassion in an instant.  Praise the rat killer!!  May He turn rats into sheep.

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