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The Black Coat Regiment — 6 Comments

  1. They are from the last 9 month as a silent execution front for more than 6 years.
    Just a REALMS Message to us.

  2. The Almighty God has spoken through you Sir, let him who has ears therefore hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the Body of Christ.

  3. Just as the “black coats” fled England because of Religious persecution, and stood up to King George 111 because of His tyranny, “the church” unfortunately, must endure the Trying of its Faith. The USA is following in Israel’s footsteps, as History, indeed, repeats itself. *Deut 32:9-29, cf Rev 2-3;( Philadelphia or Laodicea = Pay now or Pay later!) Rev 12:1-17; ***Heb 10:31 “It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

    NOTE *Deut 32:26-27 NLV
    26 I would have annihilated them,
    wiping out even the memory of them.

    But I feared the taunt of Israel’s enemy,
    who might misunderstand and say,
    “Our own power has triumphed!
    The LORD had nothing to do with this!”’

  4. What is happening is that the spirit of Haman/spirit of death/depopulation(Book of Esther) is arising,when ALL the worldleaders act in same mind.

    This will not be defeated through “protests”, because protests are nothing less than “complaining and selfpity” and selfpity is only the other Side of “accusation”.

    If you not see that judgment is on the church you will not act as you should, because just like Esther thought she was safe because she was in the King’s house, Mordecai warned her that maybe she was in that position ONLY because she would be judged and perish,she and her father’s house.

    First after this “insight” she decided to (repented) fast and pray. The church,individually and corporality is in the same position, it has come to “a time like this” for to be judged, perish or not perish…

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