Blocking The Word Of The LORD


Why should our experience, be less than the servants of the Old Testament?

God used them in such incomparable ways; such mighty feats, to include many signs, wonders and even miracles, raising someone from the dead.  We know well, that in the time of the olden days, much of what we read now, was not written.  We likely forget, that God often came down in the midst of a cloud and spoke to people. His voice was heard in many different ways; even through a bush that burned.  Genuine, power.

The word of the LORD came unto them.  How?  Did they hear voices?  Of course they did!  There is no place for argument here.  The LORD spoke to so many of these prophets, priests, directly.

We know so little of God’s reign and His marvelous works.  Often times, the angel of the LORD spoke to the person.  You see, God has His own special angels; envoys whom He speaks through.  It was God himself, who spoke over His only begotten Son.  It was no other voice, but His own.

As I grew up, many were afraid of being branded “fanatical.”  When some of us who came along there, had already seen those who had used the gifts of God for their own selves.

What often started out as a sincere and God-fearing man or woman, somehow got lost in all of the fame, fortune and recognition.  And it got pretty messy.  We had a fear of going off into something that was not of God.  We took great care, not to do anything that would harm our relationship.  We knew you could not be the real thing, if you did not keep Christ first.

The word of the LORD, came to the prophets in the beginning.  Why would it not come to the prophets today?  Especially since they are a part of the foundation of the New Testament church, confirmed once again, in the writings of the apostles.

We’re not trying to make any calling more important than others.  But these two, are the beginning.  I’ve lived to see those who stood in authority, begin to try and channel the moving of the Spirit.  Even to attempt to prevent the gifts of the Spirit from operating, operating fully, as the Spirit wanted them to.

We’ve lost some basics in this.  There was never a reason for being scared of false prophets or teachers.  From the time we were born of the Spirit, we learned how important it was to stay full of the Holy Ghost.

And we were going to know, who was the real thing, and who was not.  How?  With the genuine discernment that comes with the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  Discerning of spirits, is not the same thing here.  God gave all of those gifts of the Spirit, to those whom He chose to give them to, throughout the entire Body, as He willed.

If we are truly full of the Holy Ghost, we are going to know who the imposters are.  You see, so many of their messages actually started out sounding right.  But soon, it fades slowly into something else.

If saints are full of the Holy Ghost, they know almost instantly, that it is not what it appears to be.  It has an off-sound; there comes an almost immediate sense, that something is amiss here.  We are supposed to be prophesying.  The apostle wrote that we should earnestly seek to do that.  It is part of our New Testament church heritage.

Why is the Spirit urging so much about discerning and knowing them who are false?  There is a serious pulling, a force that seems to be compelling His messengers, to declare it.

Some of our people have already been deceived by those who block the spoken word from going forth today – what the Spirit is speaking now, at this very moment.  These false witnesses and false teachers, are truly getting worse and worse; just as the scripture said they would.

Many more can be lost to it.  Devils, will begin prophesying, working great signs and wonders, even healings.  Let all of the word of the LORD, speak.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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