The Horsemen Are Coming!

7 Words in 1

I am passionate about horses.  Always have been my whole life and used to do a lot with it, so much so that it became more important than the LORD.  Anyone been there?  I had a lot of repenting to do.  The LORD took them from me, but He has also told me I will be riding with Him.  So over the years, He has given me lots of Visions and Words regarding Him, the Horses in Heaven and some of what is coming.  Although these are from 2005 and forward, they are even more applicable for what is going on now in the world, so He said to repost them.  Enjoy and share at His direction!  Blessings to you all!  Bev


The Horsemen Are Coming! 


The LORD told me to sit down and write.

I can hear galloping hooves coming towards me.  They are pounding furiously into the ground and the earth is shaking. I hear the LORD saying, “The Horsemen are Coming!  The Horsemen are Coming!”

I looked up and saw the Army of the LORD coming towards me, mounted on horses bold and fierce, ready for battle.

I asked the LORD, “What does this mean?”

Come and see.  Come and see, for you will know the sight and taste of battle in the days ahead.  For there is much change coming to this nation and this world, for it is time.

For, they are not ready for it.  Many would rather stay in the past and only dream of the “Glorious Days Ahead”.

But I say to you, “The Glorious Days Ahead” will not come forth without fight or struggle. For even now, I divide the ranks of men.  Even now, I AM separating sheep from goats.  Do you not see it in the earthly realm?  Do you not see and sense the upheaval and dissension among men?  Do you not see the dissatisfaction?

For without dissatisfaction they would not be ready for change.  Without dissatisfaction they would continue to cling to the world and not desire things of Me.  Only by being unhappy with yourselves are you willing to open the doors to change.

There stands three doors before you.

Door #1.  This door is gray and has cobwebs around it.  It has mementos on it that remind you of wonderful memories from the past.  This door is the Past.  Do you want to continue to go back to the past and live in it?  If so, go.  This is your choice.  Live in it.  But don’t come forth into My Glory.

Door #2.  This door is beautiful to behold.  It is covered with a finish that seems to change color every time I look at it.  Each time it is more appealing than the last time I looked at it.  This door speaks of luxury and the world.

There are items that hang around the door and they too, change to things more appealing every time I look at it.  The door is enticing me to open it, to stay where I AM.  This door is the Present.  It is now.  And the LORD said, “Are you happy with yourself now, your lifestyle, friends, those things around you, your job?  Are you satisfied in, “living the good life”?  If so, stay here, do not seek change, but stay lukewarm in your relationship with Me.

Door #3.  Or is it door number three that you will choose, the door of change?  This is the door of struggling, battling, and birthing.  Yes, this door has blood on it.  It isn’t pretty or comfortable.  Be careful as you open it, for it is filled with challenge.

It is filled with things for you to overcome.  For each person it is different.  Is this the door that you choose?  For this door will open you to change, to intrigue, to things you may not want, where you will have to make greater decisions – some for life or death – not only for you, but for others, also.



Do not be alarmed nor disrupted by the changes that are about to take place in your life as well as the lives of many around you and in the world.  For even as you have called forth change, the winds of heaven have been blowing greatly; and even as they have been blowing greatly in the heavenlies, so are they about to on earth.

Know, that in the days ahead, that the end times have come and, even though many have prepared, there are many more that are unprepared.  For I say to you that judgment is coming.  Therefore, be careful to not judge others, for you too will be judged in the same way,   (Matthew 7:1-3).

Look for storms of cataclysmic sizes, geologic changes in the earth, and death and destruction to come in for a short time.  I have said for a short time, yes, because it will take these things to wake people up.

Yes, I AM a God of mercy, and it is for this reason that I AM allowing these things to happen rather than total death and destruction, as I did to Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:13, 24-25), or in the days of the great flood of Noah (Genesis 7:19-23).  For yes, even during those times, I saved My remnant, and it is for the remnant that this message is for.

It is for My remnant that I have chosen to show mercy.  For there are many who are part of that group who have not yet awakened to My call.  There are many in that group who have had a web cast over them by the enemy that has dulled their senses.

Many of them have been bitten by the spider and poisoned by its bite, that they have become hurt, bitter, and hold unforgiveness towards those I love.  The bitterness has caused a veil to come down over their eyes that they have not chosen to remove.  For they would rather walk in self-pity, self-righteousness, self-destruction, self-hatred, and selfishness, than to walk fully in My ways of truth, righteousness, and love of mankind. 

WAKE UP!  WAKE UP!  WAKE UP!  For I, your God, have called you to WAKE UP to the wiles of the enemy, that you will not be caught sleeping or unaware anymore!

WAKE UP before the earth begins to shake greatly of the days ahead.  WAKE UP before you hear My voice cry out in the heavenlies.  For I AM grieved that it has come to this. I AM grieved that many have turned their backs on Me and chosen the ways of the world and selfishness rather than My ways.

WAKE UP and be ready. WAKE UP and be prepared. WAKE UP and know that I AM God.  WAKE UP and know that those who have stood in truth and righteousness and love will continue to stand.

Those who have not are on shaky ground and will continue to be until they choose.  For the doors are open, and they must choose which door they want to reside in – Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3.

The Horsemen are sitting and waiting for others to join them, for there are yet horses without riders.  It is a time of decision and also a time of sorrow and great happiness. For it is also a time of great harvest.  For out of sorrow can come great joy or great despair.

Will you, My remnant, be prepared?

Will you be ready to help, to serve, to lose your life to Me, so that all parts of your flesh might be lost, so that I might use you for My Glory?

Will you be ready?

If you choose to be ready, then call forth change. CALL FORTH CHANGE!  For I AM ready to work on your behalf, and on My behalf for My Kingdom to come forth in the earth realm.


Rest Until the Rider Comes


Again I say, rest, rest, rest – wait on Me, for I say to you the days ahead will not be easy.  But know that through Me all things are possible.

For even as the wheels of change turn around you – you must sit in the eye of the storm.  For the enemy seeks to pull you into it.  DO NOT ENTER.  I say to you, “DO NOT ENTER into the evil that lurks around you.  For the enemy seeks to tie your hands, feet, and mouth, to keep you from going forward in My Kingdom.  

Yet I say to you, that he will not stop that which I have placed in you.  For I say, sit and rest. Know that you have crossed over the threshold and your future approaches you.  The rider is coming (I saw a rider coming toward me, from the distance on a horse, with a scroll / document / contract in his hand.)

Know that even as he approaches that you are ready for what I AM giving you.  Know that it will appear to be much – but do not fear, for what it appears to be – for know again, that I, Your God, Your Father, and Master am in your corner.

I AM on your side, and what appears to be much in the eyes of man is only possible through My grace and mercy.  You will rise up to the challenge and My glory will rise up through you.  Know that you have been given great favor this day and that you have come out of darkness and into My Light – that My light will shine forth from you into the uttermost parts of the world – that I will use you for My Glory.

Know that even now, the enemy trembles at what I have placed in you for he greatly fears what is coming in the days ahead, for he knows that I have won the war, yet he refuses to give up for he thinks there is hope through his corruption of man.

His hope lies in what is now happening around the world.  His hope lies in deception, corruption, and death.

But know that My army is rising.  My army is coming forth in all of My Glory.  My army will overcome all that is placed before it, for it is filled with MY GLORY and MY OVERCOMING SPIRIT and it will not give up until it has defeated all evil.

So rest, in peace, My daughter, for the Army of the LORD is waiting with you, for My Word, for My Timing, and for Me to say, “GO, NOW, IT IS TIME.”

Rest until the rider comes, for much will be yours in the days ahead. Rest and wait.  Rest to prepare for what is coming.  Know that I have it all in My hands – for I AM in control.

Horsemen At The Gates And Angels Of Light


As you go on this new journey in your life – BE RELEASED! – and KNOW THAT I AM GOD.  Know that I have you in the palm of My hand, that I will protect and provide for you.

Rest, rest, continue to rest until the rider comes.  For the rider comes in with a mighty wind of change, a change that will manifest itself greatly in your life, and the lives of those around and near you.  For lives will not be the same.

For I come with great force and great passion for My people that I have called forth from the north, south, east, and west.  I come also with gentleness. For again, should you choose not to change – I will not force you, but you also choose then to not come forth into the next move that will come forth on the earth, the next move that will shake Heaven and earth greatly.

For, the horsemen are at the gates of every territory, every city, every region, and every nation.  I say the horsemen are at the gates.

I looked up and saw thousands of riders on horses at huge iron gates that were very heavy and closed.  But I knew in my spirit that a simple breath from the LORD would easily open these to allow the army of the LORD to enter.

Then I heard, WAKE UP! WAKE UP, OH SLEEPING ONES! WAKE UP!  For I call you now to come forth into My plans and purposes, not into the plans and purposes of man.  Know which plans are of man and which are of Me – seek Me.  Join Me in My council chambers. Ask of Me, that I might show you what is to come – of what is of the days ahead, that you would be prepared – that you would be ready to choose.

I then saw many individuals in the council chambers of the LORD – many were on their faces, seeking Him for revelation.

Again I say, much change will come forth in the days ahead.  Get ready now for what is coming.  Rest, that you might gather strength.  Rest that you will know Me when you see Me, that you will not be deceived by angels who pose as angels of light,   (2 Corinthians 11:14).

I saw then a force of angels released from hell, who were dark, but as they approached the light they became lighter and appeared to look like the heavenly angels; but I knew they were not.  They were dispersing to all parts of the earth and being sent to all people – that there would be a choice that would have to be made by people on earth.

There are those who continue to seek to destroy My Kingdom.

You must be alert and ready.  You must be aware.  You must know the difference between light and dark.  You must not compromise.  For snares have been set in the darkness to capture those who are unawares, those who are not alert or ready.  Be ready, for I come.

Will You Ride With Me?


Arise and shine, for a new day has come!  Arise and shine, for My light has come.  Arise and shine to this new day.  Arise and shine before the morning slips away.

For I – LORD of All – have need to speak to My people.  I have need – to open eyes, to open ears, and to speak forth in a new way, that they might hear the Word of the LORD.  For the Word of the LORD is strong.  The Word of the LORD is mighty, but some have yet to know of it or its effect in their life.  For there are still those who don’t know Me for Who I AM.

Come out of the caves.  Come out of the cracks.  Come out of the crevices that you have been hiding in.  For it is a new day. Awake, rise and shine.  For, I AM coming on the earth.

Surely, as the sun shines, so will My Son shine on the Earth.  Surely, as the wind blows, My wind of change is blowing even now. (I saw tornadoes in many houses stirring things up, and a mighty wind blowing on the houses, with some houses being shaken off of their foundations and literally falling apart, with parts of the house flying everywhere.)

There is a great wind of change that is blowing on the earth even at this time.  I AM shaking all that can be shaken.  I AM moving and I AM uprooting.  I AM.

For many have said, LORD, I don’t want to move.  I don’t like shaking, and I don’t want to be uprooted.  I AM comfortable where I AM.  Why do I have to keep changing?  Why do I have to keep moving?  Why, why, why do I need to do this or that?

I say that should you not, you will not be able to take part in My next move.  Is that your choice to stay where you are, to be complacent and comfortable, to not go on this next ride, with Me, your Father?

Oh, you don’t like roller coasters?  You want to stay where you are, safe, and just watch everyone ride, but not participate.  Do you not know that much of what is coming will be like a roller coaster ride from here on out?

The earth and all that is around you is changing quickly, and it is time to get up and to come out and to move into what I have for you.  Should you choose not to move, then I will move without you.  Does that mean you won’t get what I have for you?  Oh yes, it does.  For it will be given to another who chooses to come forward with Me at this time, who chooses to be obedient, who chooses to ride the roller coaster with Me.

It is time to move with Me, not against Me.  It is time to get up and get out of the mud, where you have been stuck.  It is time to come forward into what I have for you.  It is time. It is time for change.  It is time for more change and more change.  I say again, that in the days ahead, there will be days that you awaken to see a new person in the mirror, that you will not recognize yourself, as I begin to work in you more clearly, more precisely, more strongly, and treating you more like My grown son or daughter, than as the young one that you have tried to stay. It is time to grow up and be about My business.

There are people yet waiting who don’t know me.  There are people starving for My love. There are people who are hurting, who are living in great pain, shame and sorrow, that need Me, their Father, to comfort them, to strengthen them and to help them.

If you do not choose to get on the roller coaster with Me, then someone else will come forward to take your place; someone else who My Son will work through, who will help Me to change the world.  If you do not choose this, then you choose complacency, you choose sameness, you choose staying where you are stuck in the mud.  If you are not for Me, then you are against Me.

Oh, but you don’t like being in the limelight.  Did I say that you had to be in the limelight?  For, even My Son, did not do it all in the limelight.  For there is so much that you can do that is not in the limelight that will help My Kingdom come on this Earth.  But as you sit there in your complacency and sameness, you do not even come forth to help with those things, for you are so stuck.  You are so locked in that you are unable to move, for you have given up fighting and have given in to the enemy.

(I saw people stuck in the mud with chains on them from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet.)

For, he knows when he has you.  He knows when you have given up and given in to him.  He knows, even as I know, when you have fallen and skinned your knee.  Even as I know when you think that I have failed you.  Even as I know when you think that I AM not with you, so that you can get away with doing something, that you think I will not see.  Oh, I see it, and I know that you have done it.  I know.   For, I know all and I see all.  I AM.

So again I say, get up and get out of the mud.  Do not give up or give in to the enemy.  Do not stay where you are at.  Come with Me on the roller coaster.  Come with Me for the ride of your life.  For time, is drawing to a close and I may not be back this way.  I may not choose to come by you again with this offer.  For you must choose, are you for Me or against Me?  All those coming on the roller coaster are for Me, for that is where I will be, encouraging, helping and bringing them closer to the calling that I have placed on their life. Come with Me, so that I can help you on this ride.

Call to Action!


I saw, in the distance, a huge cloud coming over the horizon; and I could hear the thunder of many hooves.   As I looked, it became clearer to me; and I could see many horses of many colors that were approaching me.  There were thousands of them, and the closer they got the more deafening the sound became, as the beat of their hooves on the ground was so loud.

The ground began to shake with a violence like I had not known before, and I could feel it shaking and moving under my feet as I watched them approach.  For I still saw no riders among them, but only this huge, numberless herd that seemed to have no master; yet I knew that they knew exactly where they were going, for the Master was in control.  Even as I watched them, their numbers continued to grow and to fill the whole horizon that was before me.  It seemed as if they would never stop coming.

Then I heard the voice of the LORD saying, “Come to Me, all you who are weak and heavy laden.  Come to Me.  For it is time for you to mount up.  It is time for you to ride.  For the enemy has meant to keep you down.

He has meant to literally have you trampled into the ground, but I have not let him.  So I say to you again, come to Me, for the horses are waiting.  They are waiting for their riders.  There are many that say to Me, ‘LORD, what will I do, where will I go?’  And I say to you, My child, do not worry about the days ahead, for I, the Lover of Your Soul, have called you out of the darkness.

I have scraped you off the floor and off the street.  I, the LORD Your God, am the one who loves you and takes care of you. I AM the One.  I AM the One who has rescued you, and I AM calling you into action.  I AM calling you into motion.

So pick yourself up and do not take long to lick your wounds, for the time has come to fight.  The time has come to come forth, to take your place in My Army.  The time has come that you must come out.  For I have need of you.  I, your Father, have great need of you.  Will you come?  Will you mount up on the horse that I have prepared for you to carry you into battle for My cause?

Will you come, or will you let your fears of the future and the destruction of the past overcome you?  Will you let My hopes and dreams fill you, that you will come forth into My future with Me?  Will you mount up on My steed, that you will be mounted and ready to charge and fight to win at a moment’s notice?  Will you come?

Will you let My heart in you override that which is trying to hold you back?  Will you set aside the pain and agony of the past and let go of those things which seek to keep you from your future?  Will you let go of bitterness and pain?  Will you reach out to Me, that I might lift you up to an even higher plane, a higher calling, on your life?  Will you come?”

The horses began to gather in a circle to stop and wait.  Their heads were up and their ears were perked.  They, too, were waiting.  They were listening for the voice of the Master, for they, too, knew His voice.  They were waiting to get directions, to know where to go and what to do.  They were waiting with anticipation and excitement, yet I could sense a peace that was about them, that they knew that their time had come.

They knew that they were to wait and then do whatever they were called to do.  For there had been another time when they had waited on the Master’s call, when they had been told to get on the ark, and the two chosen had listened and obeyed.  They knew the Master’s call, and they were ready to do their part.  They were ready to be a part of the last end-time battle.

And I began to see forms of people coming out of the shadows, coming out of the ditches and caves, coming out of boxes, and every hiding place that you could imagine; for these were the warriors that were being called into action for the LORD.

These were the ones who had been trampled on, buried, put away, and forgotten by many.  These were the ones who were of great value to the LORD.  These were the ones who had learned to fight to survive; and their time had come, for the LORD was calling them forth.  For they had already been through every horrific thing that could possibly happen and they had survived – not without blemish, not without damage, for the enemy had meant to destroy them altogether.

But the LORD had kept them.  The LORD had hidden them in the cleft of His rock, under the shadow of His wing, to keep them from any further damage.  Many didn’t even know that they had been hidden or protected by the LORD.  Many didn’t yet understand the value that they held for the LORD.  Many thought themselves worthless and of no value to anyone, much less to the LORD.  But the LORD knew their hearts.

The LORD knew what He had planted in each of them, even before they were born.  The LORD knew the treasures that were within that He was waiting to pull out of them.  The LORD knew of their courage and valor.  The LORD knew of every temptation that they had been through, of their victories and defeats.

The LORD knew them from the inside out, and He knew what they would become to Him, for He already knew their future.  He knew of the choices that they would make in the days ahead of the mistakes and challenges that were before them.  But He also knew of their hunger and thirst for a righteousness and truth that wouldn’t stop, that was burning in them to come out, that was waiting for the time and place to be set free.

They were to be the end-time warriors.  They were to be the ones who, because of what they have already been through in the darkness, would lead many to the light of Christ.  For they knew how to get to the Light, for they had been in darkness and found their way out to the Light and embraced it for all that it was and is and is to come.

The horses began to stomp their feet in anticipation, for they were ready and eager.  They, too, had a great love for the Master, for He had provided for them, too.  They were ready and waiting for the call.

I heard the voice of the LORD again say, “Come, you who are weak and heavy laden.  Come, for I have need of you, and it is time.  Your banishment is over.  The enemy cannot stop you now, for it is time.  It is time for you to rise up into the calling that I have placed on your life.

It is time.  It is time for you to come forth into My glory, into My honor and into My grace, that you might fight the good fight, that you might do what I have called you to do.  Come, mount up, and come.”

Are You Willing to Come on the Ride of Your Life?


I say to you My Daughter and to all those who are weak and heavy laden, to all those who have been through the refining fire.  Wake up, get up and get ready for the time is at hand to receive your reward. The time is at hand to come forth into your calling.

The time is at hand for you to receive that which I have called you to be and all that goes with it.  For there are those who doubt even that I speak through humans.  There are those who doubt that the devil is alive and well.  There are those who understand not and comprehend not what they walk in or what they walk into.

For I say to all who have ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to understand, “Let your ears be opened.  Let your blinded eyes see and let your hearts be opened to understand the Word of the LORD, even as it is in My Word and as it is spoken to you.”

For there are those who speak for Me who speak in riddles, or in parables, as My Son did. There are those who speak plainly, yet with a mystery about the Words that come out of their mouths.  For they both speak for Me, one is not better than the other, nor is one more Me than the other.

Yet there are those who speak lies and deception and there are some on earth, who believe the lies and deception.  There are those who chose to live wrongly and there are those who chose to walk away from Me.  I say to all, you make the choice and there are rewards or consequences.

It is not for someone else to rescue you, but for you to come to Me, to rescue you. This is a hard lesson for many to learn.  For they go to this person and that person for impartations, for prophesy, or for prayer, yet they refuse to come to Me.  They deny Me and them, the personal relationship that I so long for with each human.

They keep themselves from Me and believe that they don’t hear Me, or that they cannot pray, or that they cannot do this or that.  I say to you, who believe this that you believe a lie from the enemy.

For it is for each person, each individual to know Me for who I AM.  It is for each person, be it man, woman, or child to have a relationship with Me.  For I love all of you, not one more than another. Those who have chosen to know Me, walk in more of Me and Holy Spirit.

They walk in giftings and anointings that come through time and trial. They walk in more of Me, because they have chosen to walk the path that I have called them to.  They walk more in Me, because they chose to count the cost and they chose to be obedient, despite what counsel they might receive from others, they choose to hear and receive and be obedient to My counsel, even though it may not make sense at the time to the ways of man.

I say to all with ears to hear, rise up and walk, come forth into all that I have for you.  For it is not easy and I cannot say that it will be easy in the days ahead.  But should you chose to heed My call, then know that I AM ever on your side.  I will lead you, guide you, and keep you and yours all the days of your life. I will hold you in My arms and comfort you, strengthen you and provide for you.

I will walk with you where others will not.  I will understand you, though you may not always understand Me. I will help you at every turn of the road.  I will speak to you softly in the cool of the night, and I will ever be at your side, no matter what.

I will open your eyes to see as you never have before and I will open your heart to understand, as only you can with My heart.  I will let you hear Me through ears that will discern the difference between the truth and a lie.

But, you have to follow My path, you have to choose Me above all else.  Are you willing to count the cost, one more time?  Are you willing to forsake all else for Me?  Are you willing to come on the ride of your life?


God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Beverly Juelsgaard-FischerGod has allowed Beverly to minister all over the world through the internet, and in person through conferences, church services, and small groups.  Beverly’s heart is to see the Body of Christ walk in the freedom that God means for them, so they can develop a deep intimacy with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  She ministers to others through prophetic words, and other gifts, bringing breakthrough and calling people into a constant pursuit of His Heart to actively hear His voice for themselves and others. Beverly lives near Danville, VA.

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The Horsemen Are Coming! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Beverly!
    The words you share goes right into my heart. I am also passionate for horses, and the Lord also ‘took them away’ from me, not by force but one day I felt a heavy pressure that I had to take a divine decision to chose between Him or the horses.
    He speaks often to me through music and the last week I found myself listen to ‘cowboy music’ which I have not listen to for maybe 30-40 years or so, but this week I could not stop listen to ‘The masters call’ and ‘the last cowboy song’
    Your post is a great confirmation about the Masters Call!

    • GOD BLESS YOU, MARIA! He says you are a light to the world, and will continue to be in the days ahead
      You have a special call on your life in serving those who do not have a lot, especially women and children. He uses you and will use you more in the days ahead to heal hearts, emotions, and I believe even physically at times. The Lord loves you more than you can imagine. You have won many hearts to Him. Well done, good and faithful servant of the Most High God.  Blessings. Bev

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