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  1. Confirmation on other UN countries trying to side up against Israel.  Have been telling those close to me the same.  Holy Spirit has shown me this for the last several days in watching events take place.  Holy Spirit has had me up continuous nights with a weight that had to be released in prayer along with intercession.  There is so much more, than what most can imagine or see without Holy Spirit revelation, about that which is taking place.  God is slow to anger Psalm 103 and Psalm 145 I believe we may have passed the slow phase at this point.  We must continue to praise and pray releasing His Power in the earth Matthew 18:18 what we bind on earth will be bound on heaven…. It is a spiritual warfare but the carnal man always thinks he can fix something by acting in the flesh.  Keep praying, praising, pursuing and overtaking in prayer. Thank you for sharing Veronica I pray for mercy, mercy, mercy and for not only His Blood to cover us all but that we rightly place His Armor on each day as well in Jesus Name Amen

    • 2nd dream could be the Ezekiel war.The global awakening ties in with Ezekiel 39:7 So I will make My holy name known in the midst of My people Israel,and I will not let them profane My holy name anymore. Then the nations shall know that I am the LORD,the Holy One in Israel.

  2. Thank the Lord God Almighty that our Weapons aren’t carnal.
    I was at my job site the other day when the homeowner, an older man and his wife whom I’ve grown to adore, was reading from the Bible about the origins of the evil we’re now seeing played out. But when we discussed that we, the United States, are under serious threat, he stated that he would not back down but would prepare to arm himself, take up his gun, and fight……that right there is an issue. We who live by the gun will die by it. But when we turn to The One Who has all Power and Authority, The One Who does as He pleases with men and angels, The One Who owns it ALL…..when we come into THAT Refelection, and take up our Cross, no weapon fashioned against us will prosper, and those who are in the darkest darkness will be filled with Glorious Light as He speaks through the lips of His own, Spirit to Spirit, straight into the very depths of those lost in the dark…..NOW IS THAT TIME!! This battle is NOT physical. And if we fight it in our flesh we’ve lost already. But when we allow The One Who Is Almighty God to refine us completely, we will have INFINITELY more power than the defeated evil one ever had. And the Best-than that we are in His Image will wipe out the less-than of everything else. REPENTANCE!!
    Rejoice Rejoice Rejoice!!! The Kingdom of our God is becoming the Kingdom of the Earth!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Veronika!! :)

    • The fight is not really an “either or” situation. The Bible teaches that a time will come when you have to pick up the sword and it was not referring to the spiritual sword but a physical one. It is entirely possible to be fully in tune with the Holy Spirit and still feel the need to pick up the sword. Prayer, Praise and Faith are all absolutely necessary but Faith without works is dead. Perhaps GOD has not called you to pick up a sword, that is good, but perhaps He has called on others to do so. That is not bad.

  3. Please pray for me and my husband and our families.plead the blood of Jesus over us.
    Please pray for our eyes to see our hearts to know. And for us all to repent of our sins. And to come closer with God.
    Plead Palms 91 over us all.
    Amen amen

  4. I dreamed that Christians were trapped in a hotel as the Muslims were surrounding it & the Christians were hiding & praying for help to come, but I didn’t feel like help was gonna come.  I dreamed that several years ago.

  5. Father thank You! – for the release of this prophetic Vision. We lift up a hedge of protection around Your prophet/s, and all that carry the mantel of Your manifold wisdom in the Body of Christ – the 5 fold ministry gifts, callings, and we invoke Your grace and mercy towards those who have their faith on hold, that they may come into Your Fold. We praise You in the “shaking” and for the “awakening” In Jesus Name.

  6. This sounds as though it really could be the beginning of the end times, ie a world wide shaking and global awakening. Let’s all keep our eyes on Jesus.

  7. When I began to read about your dreams Veronica, I felt a real urgency by the Spirit to begin to pray for Israel but also for this new Government for tenacity and courage to withdraw our country from the United nations, to thwart and confuse the plans of the armies on the left and for the remnant in NZ to rise up and stand in the gap and pray. Thank you sharing your vision

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