Brace Yourself, for a Contrary Wind Is Blowing!


The Spirit says, “Stand firm and stay focused.  Do not shrink back or retreat, even as you find yourself walking in the midst of a strong and violent wind, a contrary wind that has blown in to derail and sabotage your progress,

Fear not, for an even greater and mightier wind will come, the whirlwinds of My peace will counteract and reverse the power and strength of every opposing wind and force that has come against you in this season,” says God

“Be still.  Be Calm.  The empowering whirlwinds of My Spirit will lift and carry you, pushing and propelling you forward into the land of promise and inheritance.   I AM rebuilding what has been torn down, and replanting what has been uprooted in this hour.  I AM strengthening and reestablishing you.” says God.

“I AM the Divine Architect, the Master Builder, and I AM restoring and reassembling brick by brick where the winds and storms have come, causing displacement, and dismantling pathways of provision.

Yes, I AM reinforcing and renewing hope and opening up a new way,

Stand Still.  Stand Firm.  Watch, as I bring back together the fragmented pieces and broken places.

I AM relaying and expanding your foundations, taking you deeper, building in you foundations that cannot be shifted or shaken.

Beloved, I AM even rebuilding faith in this hour.  Look, a new dream and a new vision is rising up before you.  Watch, as I unroll and uncover fresh blueprints.

The puzzle pieces are now coming together.  New strategies and patterns are forming.

Receive.  Receive what I AM releasing – new dimensions and new plans to you through My Word and through My Spirit of wisdom, counsel and revelation,

Lets go deeper and build higher.  That which was been hidden and wrapped up in the realms of mystery will now become clearer, more transparent and accessible to you in this hour.

The joy of expectancy is rising up within you.  Faith is growing and increasing.  Hope is being strengthened you to keep moving and advancing, for there is an expected end that will Glorify My Name and establish My purposes,”  says God.

I DECREE:   He is reinforcing and renewing My Hope and Expectation.  I hear the sound of a new door opening, and I see a new way forming in front of me.

In season, I will Stand Still, Stand Firm, and Watch, as He brings back and brings together the fragmented pieces and broken places of my life.

He is the Great Creator and History Maker, in this hour He is relaying and expanding my foundations.  He is taking me deeper, and rebuilding and remolding in me foundations that cannot be shifted or shaken!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Brace Yourself, for a Contrary Wind Is Blowing! — 2 Comments

  1. Glory, Wow, Such an anointing, A Rhema, Spoken, this day. Awesome to me. I receive your words, Abba. Thank you. I love you.