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Breaking Ancestral African Witchcraft — 6 Comments

  1. Grace and peace to you sister Laura in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Do you have any teachings for Native Americans to break bloodline curses.


  3. Dear Sister Laura, I’m from South-South of Nigeria in Africa. I have been a Christian-a born again Christian for many years but I’ve not seen any progress in my Christian walk, business or marriage. In fact, I divorced and remarried. I’m seriously contemplating another divorce. I’m so poor! My prayers are not answered. I’m easily offended, angry, cursing, lustful, fearful and deceitful. I have lots of nightmares and spiritual attacks. Before I became born again, I and all my family members were members(many are still members) of THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE CROSS AND STAR- a group that claims their leader-(now dead) to be the Holy Spirit. My parents and step mothers (my father married 5 wives, divorced 2 and kept 3 till he died) were into witchcraft. Some of my siblings are into witchcraft too. My wife gave birth to our daughter 16years ago. Till now we’ve not gotten another child. Even this our daughter has a bent spine. PLEASE PRAY FOR US. LET GOD SHOW US HIS MERCY. MAY HE REVEAL TO YOU THE SOURCE AND THE CAUSE OF OUR PROBLEMS IN JESUS NAME.

  4. Dear Sister Laura my name is Alma Luz which means Alma (soul,spirit) Luz (light) I´ve been a christian since my childhood by my own decision. I am not catholic nor evangelical but I honestly believe in G___d, Jesus and the Holy Spirit…….Now I have this question what is Kabbalah.  In my country Republic of Panama is increasing the worshippers of this practice which I know is demonic, specially among people with a good financial status.  I will like to hear your opinion and knowledge of this practice.  I also will like to thank you for all your teachings that I enjoyed each word and scriptures.  I hope to hear from you soon.  May the Lord bless you and your Ministry….My apologies for my english……

  5. Blessings,
    Not only does ancestral African witchcraft need to be broken off of the people, but freemasonry, Kabbalah, and Wicca as well. Many are using the star of Repham and the star on the Israeli flag to summon up ancient spirits of Babylon to connect the above and below. These changers and necromancers are trying to connect with the false tree of life or the Kabbalah to produce a oneness of demonic unity and energy. As I have stated before, this is avery dangerous mixing of the Kabbalah and Christianity. This is not true Zionism at all but the doctrine of Lucifer. This is the Luciferian age that we have suddenly embarked upon but we better repent and turn away from this wickedness before The Lord pours out the wrath and judgement of God on the house of God. Let us get our houses in order before its too late!!!!

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