A Breakthrough Prayer

 Downloaded this Prayer here as a PDF file or editable MS Word document.
Due to the length of this Prayer, sub-headings have been provided.  However, it is recommended to pray the whole prayer, not just sections of it.

Initial Declaration

Right now I declare that I break every agreement with Satan and the works of darkness.  I choose this day to divorce the enemy, to renounce and repent of any covenants that have been made by myself or other family members in my generational line.  According to YOUR word in 2 Chronicles 7:14,

Spirits of Fear & Self-Condemnation

Whether I or other family members have partaken of these sins knowingly or unknowingly, I ask Your forgiveness and I renounce:

All spirits of fear, the fear of man that brings a snare, self pity, insecurity, and inferiority.

Forgive those in my family line for the need to control or manipulate others out of a sense of fear, insecurity or inferiority.

Forgive us for not trusting in your provision or your timing, and for failing to rest in Your love.

I renounce all spirits of heaviness that bring depression, mental illness, obsessive compulsive disorders, schizophrenia, suicide, and grief.

I renounce the spirits of unbelief, double-mindedness, the cares of this world and all things that would give me give me divided loyalties in my heart and mind towards God.

I renounce every seed that Satan has sown into my heart and mind that would caused divided loyalties and weaken my convictions towards Jesus Christ.

I renounce bi-polar disease and unbelief.

I renounce all compulsive behavior and all addictions rooted in fear, rejection, or anxiety.

I renounce self pity and the lie that I cannot or will not be healed.

I renounce the tendency to think of myself as a victim or a martyr in these forms of mental illness.

Father, You love me and did not give me sickness, disease, torment or problems.  Those came from the pit of hell.  Jesus died for this truth and I will not reject Your truth.

I reject the lies from the enemy and declare that I receive the truth and the healing that is afforded to me as a child of God, for it is written, “By His stripes, I AM healed,” in Jesus name.

Spirits of Discontent & Complaining

I renounce and forsake all spirits of discontent, complaining, a vagabond spirit, wandering and irresponsibility that have come from iniquity and idolatry.

I renounce and forsake any sins and demonic spirits associated with gambling, poverty spirits, laziness and sins of poor stewardship.

I renounce all addictive behaviors given to excess, greed or stinginess.

Spirits of Bitterness and Anger

I renounce bitterness, jealousy, strife, anger, hatred, profanity, gossip, lying, slander and murder.

I renounce the bitterness that comes from being hurt or mistreated or injustice that has occurred towards myself or others in my family.

I renounce the spirit of Cain, which is a murderous spirit.

I repent and forsake the sins of slander, hatred and evil speaking.

I renounce the bitterness that comes from being hurt or mistreated, injustice towards myself or others in my family.

I repent of my judgments against others.

Forgive me and those in my family for any sins of hard heartedness, being critical or condemning, or showing lack of compassion towards others in their time of need.

Forgive me and those in my family line for turning a blind eye towards those in need and withholding good when it was in our power to help.


I renounce and forsake unforgiveness, including unforgiveness towards myself, retaliation, and vengeance.

Forgive me, LORD, for any time that I or my family members have sown seeds of discord or caused pain to others through our actions.

Forgive us for acts of maliciousness or things that I or other family members have done with the intent to hurt and cause pain to others.

Forgive me and those in my family line for selective obedience or ignoring the prompting of your Holy Spirit when You wanted us to show love, mercy, grace or compassion.

Pride and Rebellion

I renounce and forsake the sins of pride, lawlessness, rebellion, selfish ambition, presumption, and testing God.

I renounce and forsake atheism, mockery, scoffing the things of God and Your Holy Spirit, grieving the Holy Spirit and unbelief.

Forgive me LORD, for allowing spirits of inferiority or insecurity to drive me to feel as though I have to prove myself to others, myself or to You.

Forgive me for believing these lying spirits when they tried to form a false image in me.  Your word says I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I am made in Your image.  I am accepted just as I am.

Forgive me and my family line for despising godly wisdom and authority or rejecting Your counsel.

Forgive us for self-rule and choosing authority figures that did not represent Your government or authority for our lives.

I repent from any time that I have cursed God or others.

Forgive me LORD, for loving gossip, slander and my judgments more than I loved your law of showing love and kindness.

Forgive me for not blessing others more freely, even those I do not like or those that have been an enemy.

Illegitimate Spiritual Relationships

I renounce and forsake all soul ties to illegitimate spiritual fathers or spiritual leaders, religious attitudes, and spirits of legalism, disrespect, self righteousness, prejudice, controlling behaviors, manipulation, imposing my will on others, racism, disobedience, independence, critical spirits, arrogance, vain and judgmental attitudes.

I forgive everyone that has knowingly or unknowingly contributed to my hurt.

Rejection & Lying Spirits

I renounce and forsake spirits of rejection and abandonment, all lying spirits and command them to leave me at once.

I repent for sins of judging or rejecting others, withholding love, acceptance or forgiveness.

I renounce and forsake spirits of self-hatred, self rejection, unloving spirits, guilt, unforgiveness and anger towards myself and others.

I renounce the lie that sins done to me by others were my fault.

I renounce the shame and condemnation that have come in as a result of deep wounds, embarrassment and sins that were done to me from others.

I surrender my pain and anger and I want no benefit from it anymore.

I surrender the memories of hurtful events in my life.  Take it LORD, I offer it all to you right now.  Help me not take it back!

I forgive those individuals, LORD.  I put them in your hands.

Forgive me for not being able to separate the sin of those that have hurt me from them as human beings that have also been hurt and used by the enemy to hurt others.

Forgive me for the times when I have not honored nor shown respect to those in authority, parents, spouses or others.

Forgive me for not humbling myself or apologizing when I should have done so.

Forgive me for broken relationships, broken vows and covenants, and please help me to do whatever I am responsible for to make things right.

I ask You to heal the breach in relationship between myself, others and You.

Drugs & Addictions

I renounce and forsake all worldly addictions including drugs, alcohol, nicotine, gambling, gluttony, compulsive physical exercise, compulsive spending, sexual sins against myself and others, pornography, and sins of excess that feed the lusts of the flesh.

I renounce and forsake the spirits of lust, bondage, Pharmacia or drugs.

Pride and Leviathan

I renounce and forsake the spirit of pride and Leviathan.

I renounce and forsake the perverse spirit and all that is connected to it.

I renounce and forsake incubus and succubus spirits, spirits of voyeurism, homosexuality, bestiality and anything connected to demonic sex.

I renounce and forsake unfruitful thoughts, fantasies, all unclean and seducing spirits, and the deceiving spirits connected to the perverse spirit.

 I renounce ungodly soul ties, those of former lovers, false authority figures, and soul ties to anyone that would keep me from moving out of my past and into the good future You have for me.  Let those ties to the past be severed now, in Jesus name.

I repent of all sexual sins.

I renounce and forsake the strongman of Baal and divorce all ungodly spirits of lust, sex and witchcraft.

Please heal the fragmentation in my soul and spirit.

False Gods

I renounce and forsake all false gods and masters and all evil inheritances in my generational line.

I renounce and repent, on behalf of myself and my ancestors for any covenants or agreements made with the seven African spirits known as Papa Legba, Obtala, Oya, Oshun, Chango, Ogun and Yemmaya.

I declare there is no other God except for Jesus Christ and I break any connections or agreements that have been made through candle burning, calling on the names of false gods or saints, and invoking their assistance.

I renounce all lies and false teaching that blinds me to truth and mocks and resists God.

I renounce all ungodly symbols that connect me to false teaching, false gods, ungodly alliances and pagan symbolism.

I accept and receive no inheritance from evil sources, only that which my heavenly Father permits and allows.  Let all evil inheritances be broken off of me and my family.  I put them under the blood of Jesus.

I renounce and forsake the spirit of mammon, greed, and selfishness.

I renounce and forsake the divided loyalties that come with a love for money, covetousness, idolatry and envy.

I renounce bitterness and the lie that I am not blessed by the LORD.

I renounce the lie that I will be happier with more material possessions.

I renounce the lie that somehow I am rejected or unworthy because I do not have more possessions.

I renounce the sin of comparing myself with others.

Secret Societies and False Religions

I renounce and repent for any involvement with secret societies and the ungodly covenants they demand. (If you know which ones are involved in your family history, name them).

I renounce and forsake all pledges, oaths and involvement with Freemasonry, lodges, societies or crafts by my ancestors and myself.

I renounce all false marriage covenants and mock ceremonies of secret societies.

I renounce and forsake blasphemy and taking the LORD’s name in vain, as well as blasphemous oaths and pledges to Satan by any other name and alliance.

I renounce and forsake all witchcraft spirits.

I renounce and forsake all practices and traditions of Santeria and Lucemi, and praying to false gods, saints and Orishas.

I renounce and forsake the Rosy Cross, the Rosicrucians and all ungodly alliances, oaths and associations to Grand Knights.

I renounce and forsake all false gods of Egypt as well as the lust of power, prestige and position.

I renounce and forsake all secret signs and handshakes.

I renounce and forsake all false gods, false doctrines, unholy communion and abominations.

I renounce and forsake the Luciferian doctrine.

I renounce and forsake the oaths spoken to pledge loyalties to man or idol that violated the commands of God and conscience.

I renounce all false masters associated with Freemasons, Shriners, Mormonism, Paganism, the Klu Klux Klan and other lodges and secret societies.

I renounce and forsake the false god Allah.

I renounce and forsake all words and phrases used as secret codes and I break agreement with all curses that were once agreed to be placed upon any and all family members, including myself and future generations.

I renounce and forsake the compass point, the cable tow, the hoodwink, the ball and chain, the apron, the noose around the neck, the sword and spear, the blindfold and the mind blinding effect of those things.

I renounce and forsake all penalties associated with breaking these ungodly oaths and covenants.

I renounce and forsake all play acting and rituals depicting murder and death, and the spirit of fear associated with death as a curse.

I revoke and break the power of agreement with these ungodly servants of darkness, Satanic worship, and all associations with those in fellowship of demonic alliances.

I command the curse to be cancelled and all ungodly covenants and agreements broken and nullified both in the earthly and spiritual realm, in the name of Jesus Christ.

I ask You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit to heal and restore every area of the physical body and ailments that have been suffered as a result of the curse brought on by any involvement by anyone in my family line.

Forgive us, I pray, for committing sin and iniquity and blasphemous acts against a Holy God, ourselves and others.


I renounce, forsake and divorce myself from and break any and all agreements, covenants or involvement with: all lying spirits, the occult, demonic spirits, Native American and cultural rituals and traditions involving the use of idols, witchcraft, voodoo, the practice of hoodoo, root workers, witch doctors, conjuring, the practice of juju, black magic, white magic, wicca, and the use of mediums, familiar spirits and seducing spirits.

I renounce and forsake all oaths and rituals to false gods, witchcraft covens, sorcerers, satanists or workers of iniquity.

I renounce and forsake any and all sins involving the abuse of trust, authority, power or using our influence in an ungodly manner.

I renounce and forsake sins involving magic, sorcery, practicing charms or incantations, the use of horoscopes, tarot cards, fortune telling, astral projection, psychic energy or astrology.  I will burn and destroy all books, spells, incantations, rings, and other objects that connect me to ungodly occult practices, lodges, secret societies or their unholy rituals and practices.

I renounce and ask You to break all covenants and agreements made by my ancestors that sold themselves into indentured service or slavery.  Let those spiritual ties to bondage and slavery be broken now in Jesus name.

Spirits of Witchcraft

In the name and authority of Jesus Christ I also bind all Loas, mediums and familiar spirits, ungodly priests, priestesses, sorcerers and wizards that are syncretized with Catholic saints, the seven African spirits known as Papa Legba, Obtala, Oya, Oshun, Chango, Ogun and Yemmaya, and any other names by which they are known.

I bind any and all inanimate objects from being used in any sort of witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo or other form of demonic practices and loose all evil spirits off of individuals, objects, and evil altars.

I command them to go to the abyss that was created for them in Jesus name.

Spirits of Divination and Snakes

I renounce and forsake all spirits of divination, the spirit of Python/ Pythos, the Serpentine spirit and all that take the form of the demonic serpent.

I renounce and ask Your forgiveness, Father, for speaking things in Your name, even prophesying, that has been out of the flesh rather than the unction of the Holy Spirit.  I renounce and repent for all broken covenants, unfulfilled vows and promises, betrayal and divorce.

I ask You to please disentangle me and release me from ungodly covenants, vows, and peace treaties, and all unrighteous agreements that would bring me into relationships where I am unequally yoked with things of the kingdom of darkness, evil and wrong relationships.  LORD, let there be a release of every curse that has come against me or my generational line as a result of these things.

I decree a cancellation of every form of witchcraft and curse that has resulted from my involvement or that of my generational line.

I ask You, LORD Jesus, to come and deliver me and my family from all demonic spirits that have come as a result of a curse.

I ask that You deliver me and my family from every affliction, illness, disease, allergy, or physical condition that has affected us.

I ask that You restore all the years that the enemy has stolen.  Let finances, health, and relationships be restored.  Let peace, joy, mental health and emotional stability be restored.  Let the blessings that have been held back, stolen and hidden by the enemy be released into my hands now, in Jesus name.  Let all demonic attachments be severed from me and my family line, both in the heavenly places as well as in the earthly realm.

I declare that every seed that was sown by Satan in order to perpetuate a curse or cause myself or someone else in my family line to reject my heavenly Father, the LORD Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit must now shrivel and die immediately.

Jesus, I give You permission to change what You know needs to change in my life and to convict me if I resist your Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Protection

Your word says in Isaiah 54:17 that “No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue which rises up against me in judgment shall be condemned,” and that this is my inheritance in the LORD.

Right now I condemn every negative word that has been spoken over myself, my family and my future in Jesus name.  I lift up (___,____,____) and I repent for, and I condemn every negative word I have spoken over myself, my family, and our future.

I repent for negative words that I have spoken over others and I declare they will not boomerang back into my life or theirs.

I break the power of those negative words that hang in the spirit like a curse.

I declare that those negative words will no longer ring in my ears, nor in those that have heard or repeated negative, condemning words.

I declare that words that have been used as a weapon will no longer ring in the ears of my loved ones and hinder their faith or their future in Jesus name.  From this day forward, I declare their ears shall be deaf to condemning words and only faith shall prosper in their heart, mind and spirit in Jesus name.

Generation Issues

Father, I repent for these sins on behalf of myself and my family to the tenth generation back.

I thank You for Your forgiveness and cleansing of these sins.

I declare that when I am tested, the Spirit of God will arise within me and bring me into a place of victory.  I give You permission in advance of any situation I may encounter that You and Your Holy Spirit may change my actions, words and responses so that I honor You.  Please reign and rule over my emotions.

Enemy, according to the scripture in James 4:7, as I am now submitted to God, you must flee from me.

I command you to take everything that you have put on me, everything that you have tormented me with, every sickness and GO!

I command you to pay restitution at no less than a 7-fold return, according to Proverbs 6:31 in every place that you have brought poverty, defeat, robbery, or death and destruction.

Father God, I ask that You cleanse my mind of all unfruitful thoughts, fantasies, and works of the flesh.

I thank You for the blood that Jesus Christ has shed on my behalf, and I appropriate the power of His blood and the resurrection power of Your Holy Spirit to every sin, transgression and generational iniquity over myself and my family line.

By the power and authority of the blood of Jesus Christ, I declare my victory.

Satan, you no longer have authority to torment me or my children with iniquitous sin patterns.  Your plan is cut off now in Jesus name.  God has promised in Hebrews 8:12 that He will be merciful to our unrighteousness and our sins and lawless deeds He will remember no more.


I loose myself and my family from demonic attachments that have been invoked for safety, protection, healing, provision, prophecy, and financial blessing.

I declare the names of God over every name in heaven, in the earth and under the earth.

I declare the name El Shaddai over me and my family, for He is the God that is mighty and He is our sustainer.

I declare the name El Elyon over us, for He is exalted as the MOST HIGH GOD.  He is exalted as the Sovereign One.

I declare Jehovah Nissi over me and my family, for He is the one that causes victory over our enemies.

I declare Jehovah Saboath over us, for He is the LORD of Hosts of angelic armies.

I declare the name Jehovah Rapha over myself and my household for He is the One that heals.

I declare Jehovah Jireh over me and my family, for He is the one that provides.

I declare the name of El Gmulot, for He is the God of recompense and the one who spoils the plans of the enemy.

I declare the name of Jehovah Mekeddishkem  over me and my family for He is our sanctifier.

I declare the name of Jehovah Elohim over myself and my household, for it is He is strong and causes men to fear the LORD.

I declare the name of Jehovah Adon over this land, for He is Master, Owner, LORD and covenant keeping God.

I declare the name of Jehovah Roi over us, for the LORD is our Shepherd, protector and keeper.

I declare the name of Jehovah Shammah, for the LORD is present.

I declare the name of Jehovah Tdiskenu over myself and my family for He is our righteousness.

I declare the name of Jehovah Shalom over us, for He is our peace.

I release the Spirit of Adoption over myself and my family members, to draw others into personal relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ and to shed abroad the revelation of Abba Father in the hearts of every individual, in Jesus name.

Declaration of Faith

Jesus, You are the Son of God, and You are seated victoriously at the right hand of the Father.

Today I declare that the enemy is defeated where I am concerned.

You are my Master, my LORD and my Savior.  Please come with Your Holy Spirit and heal my mind, my emotions, my thoughts, my confession and my memories.

I forgive those who failed to reach out to me when I was hurting.

I forgive those who have intentionally caused hurt and pain to me and my family, and those that have done it unintentionally.

I ask You to bless, heal and deliver those that have acted in ways that have hurt me or caused harm to me or my family.

I will trust You to judge fairly and mete out any justice in these issues.

Bless those that have hurt me, lied about me, or deliberately caused harm to me or my family, and set me free from offense.  I release them to you now.

Please forgive me Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit for willingly disregarding Your words and Your Spirit when You have tried to get through to me.

Please heal my trust issues with you and others.

Please heal the issues related to my past, my present and my future.

Heal my hope, my faith and my love.

Heal any areas of grief, heaviness, unbelief, and let the renewed mind of Christ be strengthened and formed in me each and every day.

Thank You for releasing into me a spirit of Faith, a spirit of Obedience, the spirit of Adoption, the spirit of Revelation and Truth.

Now tell me LORD, what I need to do as an act of faith that will release my breakthrough.

Confirm it and convict me that I will not neglect to do whatever You tell me to do. Thank You for eternal life, health, and victory, and for restoring my life and my future, in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.


 Downloaded this Prayer here as a PDF file or editable MS Word document.
Due to the length of this Prayer, sub-headings have been provided.  However, it is recommended to pray the whole prayer, not just sections of it.

~ Laura Gagnon

Laura GagnonLaura Gagnon is a woman who has been blessed with the gift of understanding God’s restorative work through her own personal experience.  Through her insights and revelation, God has led her to influence many individuals into a restored relationship with Jesus Christ.  She is a woman who stands on the promises of God, encouraging others in an elevated expectation of the miraculous and declares the gift of His life.  Laura is the author of Healing the Heart of a Woman and writes for her blog, Beyond the Barriers.

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A Breakthrough Prayer — 6 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord!  I awoke to my husband praying this out loud in our home early this morning!!!  I have followed and prayed it aloud as he has just left for work….releasing a Clarion sound into the atmosphere that will bring much VICTORY!!!  Thanks again for the great work you are doing for the Kingdom of God!  May the Lord open effectual, revolving doors of FAVOR for you to teach and preach and awaken HIS people and birth the True Church!  Love you much!

  2. iI thank God through this prayer my life is totally change I found favor and victory in Jesus Christ.The Lord had open doors for me that was closed for years Today was the best thing that could ever happen to me VICTORY IS MINE.I thank GOD FOR MY BREAKTHROUGH that taking place this instantly .JESUS IS LORD . im also ordained thanks to God this easter week-end I give God all the glory.IM out of debt,poverty because IM a prince everything on earth belongs to my farther in heaven

  3. Wow… Thank you for compiling these powerful prayers! It is truly time to rise up and face the giants. YHWH has given the US another chance, even though it’s sins are as scarlet. Heavenly Father, lead and guide the lost to your amazing grace and salvation, in Jesus mighty name. Thank you for your hand of protection over our loved ones who are in harms way. Let the Heavenly host rout our enemies, whether in the flesh of the spirit. Let ISIS be defeated in the spiritual realm and then manifest that destruction in the natural. I pray for them to be delivered from the enemies grip, and to join with all the saints in salvation, forgiveness and grace. In Yeshua’s Name… amen