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Breaking Illegitimate Soul Ties — 8 Comments

  1. Just awesome… this is incredible our God… glory and honor to your name. Thank you so much for loving me Messiah. Thank you mighty woman of God. I am just speechless and in awe that our God knows everything in details about our past present and future. Yes, He does truly care…

  2. So be it unto me astheniaord has spoke.et every illegal soul ties be broken and I will be free in Jesus precious and holy name. Amen

  3. If its not for the Lord on my side, my life could have ended since because of some illegitimate ties.
    Father Lord, I thank you for your everlasting Mercy on me, my friends & my Family.
    We are grateful to you Lord.
    Thank you for the power of your precious blood that cleansed me, made me extraordinary, holy & uncommon.
    Father remember pastor June Reinke & all your other servants in your vineyards

  4. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow! God bless you, Pastor Reinke, praying that all is well with you and your family. Breaking of soul ties is a divine act of Jesus, by his Holy hands, his Blood and the Anointing of his Power through the Holy Ghost. Sometimes in life we get entangled in the nets or traps of the enemy, but only the Lord Jesus can break the extension and soul ties in which we’ve become entangled in, while living in sin, but by the Grace of God, showering us with brand new Mercies each day, his love in which he is moved with compassion to loose us from the bondages, chains, nets, webs of deception, in which we deliberately got caught up in, for one reason or another.

    Jesus uses what the devil meant for our destruction, demise and shattering, Jesus uses it for the good of those who loves him, those he loves and has called according to his purpose, for this I raise lifted hands to the heavens in total Praise, saying Hallelujah Jesus, worthy is the Lord, Greatly to be Praised!

    I thank you, Pastor June Reinke, thanking the Lord for using you in such a mighty and special way to release this powerful Word, at such a beautiful time and fashion. Much love, respect to you, praying for you and my beloved brothers and sisters all over the world, sending special prayer to my brothers and sisters in Israel.️❤️

  5. Thank You Father. I agree that every unholy connection with any person place or thing has been severed and removed from me in Jesus Name.
    I embrace the New Father and am not looking back but moving forward…IT IS FINISHED.
    Now I thank You Father, for restoring all the locust has eaten, and for the Joy of Your Presence that will never be taken again.  I thank You for the Peace of God and for the Fullness and Abundance of the Life purchased for me by the Precious Blood, Body, Living Water, and Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    In His Beautiful Name, Amen

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