Britain: Be Expectant for My Spirit of Restoration!

A Word for the United Kingdom!


“Hey, hey!” I hear the spirit say, “My people shall walk in a new way and live in a new place.”

I hear the Spirit say, “I shall Arise in Greater Power over you, turning and reversing every past disappointment.

I AM taking you into a time of appointed blessings and divine favour.  The Power and Authority in My blood shall lift you from the pit of poverty and place you the land of prosperity and supernatural abundance.Be Expectant for My Spirit of Restoration shall come to restore and rebuild what the winds of destruction has S-C-A-T-T-E-R-E-D.  Watch for every mountain of difficulty and despair that has stood before you shall now bow low, for I AM sending forth a levelling Wind that shall remove every obstacle and clear every hindrance.

For My Spirit Wind will forge a pathway for the Rivers of Refreshing and Revival to flow.  My River brings forth Healing for the Nations.

Beloved I will build a new house with walls of truth, doors of access and windows of increase.  I AM placing and repositioning my chosen leadership to be faithful stewards over My household.  My Winds shall expose every unrighteous root, and pull down every stronghold of the enemy.  

In this season I AM removing and relocating those that have been chosen by the hand of men.  I shall have a house of order and wisdom, for even now, I AM revealing and dethroning the Spirit of Saul that has been at work in the midst of you.

Get ready!  My Davids shall now arise, advance and occupy the throne,” says God.

“For I AM doing a new thing.  I AM authorising and giving greater access to My five-fold ministry Sons and Daughters, for they will lead My people in a new way, in a new direction and by uncommon spirit. The Spirit of deception and rebellion shall no longer dictate and dominate My people.  In this hour, I will smash to pieces every ceiling of limitation that has stifled growth and stagnated increase.

My hand shall break the hand of the heavy shepherding movement, for a New Breed of Warriors will emerge from the place of obscurity and isolation.  A fresh Anointing of Radical Love and Freedom shall Rule and Reign My people in this new season, the hand of My Favour and Delight shall rest upon those that pursue My purposes and do my Will.

Strongholds and Strangleholds of Religion and Tradition are being dismantled and destroyed in this hour,”  says the Spirit.

“The Fire of My Glory comes to Cleanse, Purify and Sanctify.  My Fire comes to rekindle and reignite hearts that have grown cold. For in this season I AM calling My people to Awake and Walk in a New Way and Live in a New place!”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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