Brother against Brother


How could it be, that at a time when we should all be pulling together, we seem to be so far apart?   And who is to blame for this; even though Christ said it would be so?

I have to ask myself, when did my opinion become so much more important than anyone else’s?  Why would I offend many of my brothers and sisters in Christ, even my own flesh and blood, just to prove I am right, and everyone else is wrong?  What spirit is that?

They say, whomever “they” are, that we are completely polarized in our own land.  It’s said, that everything is split right down the middle; it seems that every issue, is always half and half.  How did we get here, and who and what is actually behind this?

Many of our families do not love each other as they once did; but some, never did.  It might be acceptable to some extent, if so many of us did not claim to be Christians.  I heard someone ask, why do things have to be now, as Jesus said they would be.  What is all behind this?

We are facing some very serious times; in our world, and even among our so called western countries.  Denial is rampant; even in the face of terrible things unfolding; even right here among our very own.  I don’t know how to say this; but, this next political battle that is already beginning to happen, will cause us, once again, to be very distracted.  We will so busy firing off our comments to and about each other, we won’t be paying attention to what is actually going on around us.  Our enemies, are waiting for such a moment.

But what about the Church?

We’ve been fighting one another so long, declaring that we are the only ones right, that we are actually not really prepared, for what is to come.  It is my small opinion, that the Body of Christ, is so fragmented.  Our theological differences, mean that we can’t agree or pull together on anything.  People in the same religion, same fellowship, same faith beliefs, cannot find the time to minister to one another or encourage one another.  It’s even in religious families; Christians, not even talking to their own.

We are offended that Jesus may be talking about some of us, when He said, the blind, will be leading the blind. Is the fruit of the Spirit too old-fashioned for us today.  I don’t want to call attention to myself today; I honestly don’t.  But, I find myself trying harder and harder, to lay down some of my old prejudices and harsh ways of thinking, be more open-minded, and try more intently, to love those I have had trouble loving before.

Somebody, has to bend.  I know well how it feels to think you’ve always been the one to have to give in.  But, Brothers and Sisters, we must have peacemakers!

Some may think, that we are not going to desperately need one another in the days ahead.  The lack of true unity in the Body of Christ, leaves gaps in the wall of protection we think we have, and it opens the door for justice, when mercy is so terribly needed.

I ask as humbly as I know how; will we help each other in the midst of severe tribulation, if we don’t help one another now?

My own small group, will not be enough to endure until the end.  It will take all of us pulling together.

Without unity in the Spirit, we will fail.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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