But David, Encouraged Himself


But David, Encouraged Himself.  Why?  Because there was no one else to do it.  The story tells, that while away at battle, their enemy came, and took everything from them (1 Samuel 30).  Their wives and all their children, all of their possessions and burned their city to the ground.  The depth of grief over this, drove them all to absolute despair.  And they wanted to stone him to death.  It appears, that someone forgot the heartbreak, that this man was feeling also.

How might it have been, if David had not had God to turn to.  In this hour in which we live today, it is evermore necessary, that we have our own close relationship with God.  I have a feeling, that so many are a bit tired of hearing a certain message.  And that is, we must be led by the Spirit today, and we must know His ways and His Word, for ourselves.  The Experience of yesterday, may still hold it’s grand importance and we are happy to have known such a time.  But it is our experience today, that will carry us through.

We need to recall some of the things many of us were taught and learned, about being used of the Spirit.  These vessels we abide in, are mortal.  They cannot possibly take the full impact of the Holy Spirit of God; they would crumble under it.  This is the real reason why we once saw people slain in the Spirit; under such power, we could only collapse to the ground.  These bodies are temporary; they are not eternal.  They have many limitations; made from dust.

Today, I have come to believe, that throughout the years, God has put things in our paths, intended to save us, somewhere down the road.  After being mightily used of God, this body can feel tired and often drained.  A great teacher among us, once told us that often, the gifts of the Spirit or being used, had to be governed.  I didn’t understand what he meant about that.  He was not talking about someone else governing us.  It meant that we could not continually give out, without experiencing a severe drop in our human energy.

One who has not discovered this, would have no understanding of it.  Even Jesus, withdrew sometimes to renew his physical body and perhaps even his own human spirit; He prayed often.  If there is one commandment we wish to obey today, it would be that of loving each other as He loved us.  If one speaks as a genuine oracle of God, you will have to encourage yourself at times.  Many will not like to hear the message you have been given by the Spirit and may even wish you harm.  Often, no one, is for your aide.

We were commissioned in scripture, to encourage one another.  It was supposed to be part of our true Holy Ghost experience.  Those who speak as an oracle of God, may often find themselves alone.  Our connection with Jesus Christ must be so strong, that we can even see Him pouring fresh oil into our depleted vessel.  That is not strange to us; if we walk in the Spirit, we can also see in the Spirit.  Often, we will have to get up, dust our knees off, and then encourage ourselves in the LORD.

There may not be anyone else to do it for us.  But thanks be to God, He has never, left us all alone.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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