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By The LORD’s Spirit — 3 Comments

  1. Praise God! God bless your heart, Pastor June Reinke! I praythat you are doing well in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, our Strong Tower and Divine, Fearless, Undefeated Holy Defender!

    I receive and believe this prophetic message and Word from the Lord. I cannot speak for everyone, but I can certainly speak for myself, that I do declare that can and will live for Jesus, recognizing this passage of scripture, that reads it is not by might, not power, but by His Spirit, I sincerely believe this and declare it with a victorious Praise, Hallelujah in Jesus!❤️️

    Thank you, so much for sharing this beautiful, yet powerful and Anointed Word from the Lord. Jesus is able and shall be lifted up above, in the earth, in and above the heavens, worthy to be Praised and Glorified! I will pray your strength in Jesus spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. God bless, extending much love and respect!️

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