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Calm Down When Things Seem Out of Control — 5 Comments

  1. I AGREE with this msg
    In the outside world mentality has taken its toll extremely. Curses, yelling and screaming usher ranges the forces of nature wavy teases and mockery. Speeding cars on the highways and fly ways, drugs and free marijuana possess FREE WILL SPIRITS from 0 to 99. COVID 19 deaths has increase, political, racial, & civil unrest continue to riot in the streets. Crime spree has reached unaccountable, multiple highs. WW III with the AntiChrist pending while ONE WORLD government are playing leads to CHRIST unexpected INCOMING.

  2. Praise the Lord!  He is Peace and all who know Him should be at peace in their spirit man.  If this is truth then we will all speak and act accordingly, steadfast, calm, and well balanced in ANY situation.  It is when we take our eyes off Jesus that our peace will falter.  Amen

  3. Thank you Pastor June.  I discovered you over the last two years and God’s words to you have really blessed me regularly. I recognize you as of of the few true prophets on this site.  I cannot think of more than 3 possibly.  Having a spouse with a prophetic gift let’s just say I have some experience.  There’s no politics in your prophecies… not to say that God doesn’t give them at times.  But to think that God is pre-occupied with our elections to where certain people only receive prophecies about a certain US president is a red flag.  The theme of your prophecies is to trust God!  I just wanted to let you know that someone noticed the separation.  I plan to primarily read your prophecies through your site rather than expose myself to people who I consider to be deceived.  God Bless!

  4. Thanking you as ever Dr June ! I read you basically every day . I like you because you are truthfully encouraging. Most items are ‘prophetic’ , some maybe more than perhaps others.
    I would put in for a ‘personal prophecy’ but your ‘personal prophecy’ section is permanently not in operation.
    Having said that I should wish to request that!
    Much love and appreciation,
    love Philip x London.

  5. Thank you father to raise me up on every battle, ever more firm and strength on you, my rock and my fortress. Let me be a lighthouse to my family, friends and neighbours, a beacon of your true word in spirit; a secure place firmly on the rock, to relay, on the storm, the peace that come from your fortress.
    Hold me tight when i’m feeling lonely, to feel your presence, your love, your peace, protection and provision; if i am anchored in your presence, no storm will carry me out of you, and you will use me as the light that goes thru the dark, reaching far as you determine.

    We trust on you, on the new covenant done with the sacrifice of your son, our redeemer (Yausha maschiach) on the cross. Mercy is on our favor, for all that claim your name (claim to you), and live chasing (running the race to) your righteous ways by the spirit. You are faithful and will fulfill your word and promises to us. Out of you, there is nothing on we can trust; you are one, and there is no other that is might and holy beyond you. Love is you, and we will not find on another place.

    You made us for you, and nothing will change that (Romans 8:29-39).

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