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  1. Perhaps I now will spread an air of “super spirituality” or may be considered being superior,but, because you mention “discernment” everyone must be able to discern the spirit(thoughts) that rule people minds today and therefore you must discipline (bind) the same spirit in yourself,otherwise it will surely bind you.

    And that is the spirit of “accusing others of having some mental or other kind of problems” if they in some questions is not in agreement with you.

    This is the very same “spirit of control” that, by controlling your “health status” and by accusing you of “hurting” others if you not submit to it. It is spirit that blame others and put guilt in them.

    That spirit is in totalt opposition to the Spirit of the Lord, which, yes sometimes can sound harsh, but are “correcting” only from the motives of setting you free.

    If there is anything that before God is called ” superspiritual” we all shall strive to reach that, because nowhere is He commanded you to “stay down there”.

  2. I truly don’t understand this post. God and Him alone knows the motives of any heart and not even a prophet. I have been blessed by the prophecies, teachings, dreams and admonitions etc posted here. Romans 14 : 4 comes to mind.

  3. Sorry for another submission. The frog being on the scanner reminded me of “beam me up Scotty” (Star Trek). I like to make the Lord smile. That is a part of my relationship with Jesus. Sometimes the Lord speaks to me in ways that I don’t expect. That is God’s foolishness (1 Cor 1:25). When Jesus rode on the donkey (Matt 21:1-11), the greatest wisdom was juxtaposed with the greatest foolishness. Cockroaches flee from light. That is part of my relationship with Jesus.

  4. Thank you for being truthful with us. The Lord speaks to me through signs, but some people may say that I am not being truthful. When I turned my computer on this morning, I felt something under my foot. I lifted my foot and there was a large cockroach upside-down on the floor. I picked up the cockroach and fed it to a frog that tabernacles in my kitchen. The Holy Spirit spoke to me before I turned on my computer. My headache is so severe that I am outside of the health system. But I had discernment that I was also outside of the current church system and the inter-faith movement. I have decided to follow Jesus rather than cockroaches. I can put the bloated frog on the scanner if you don’t believe me.

  5. People may present a scripture – a favourite one or otherwise – from a number of motives.  You too began by presenting a scripture.  I agree that anyone may present scriptures in order to appear more spiritual, but anyone may also post dreams, prophecies and experiences in order to appear more spiritual.  It is important that, whatever motive behind these postings, these dreams, prophecies and experiences are tested against scripture, whatever the motive of the presenter.  In sum, we should be encouraged to question the motives of our own hearts, but not to be discouraged from using scripture.

  6. good evening and Praise be to God the Father in Christ’s name. Can you please pray 4 Cherice who God healed from Covid, but needs her taste & smell to be restored also for salvation & any effects of this dreadful virus. Thank you God bless you & family.

    • Cis hi, of you have got a “burden” on your heart for your friend then your wholehearted prayer is enough because it is not the “number” of those who pray that counts, but the motives behind it.

      I have many experiences of having heavy burdens upon me that have made me start pray. The very first prayer answer I did experience was when I prayed without any other (including the object who suffered from aggressive MS) knew it, and her boyfriend some months later called me and said that she had been on a control and the doctor said a “miracle” had happen,because the damage that destroy the brain had not only stopped but had withdrew 50% which they considered was impossible.

      Many years later, she has still not ended up in that wheelchair they predicted and to and fro a prayer burden still comes upon me even though she has no relation to our family any more.

      That was my first “lesson” that one is good enough, and that is true for everyone. But you must have a “burden” for it which comes only from God because, if He is with you who can be against you?

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