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Can You Trust Me? — 6 Comments

  1. Dr. June, every time I read your post, it always bring me joy or tears to my eyes. I love you Abba Father. Thank you sister.

  2. THANK YOU for your Percious Words of Encouragement!  The Lord always uses you to give Me and so many Others a Word in Due Season. I appreciate your Gifts. Those who have ears to hear, are able to Hear what the Spirit is saying…I so needed that Today❣☝️
    Bless You My Sister

  3. If you fail in endeavours, is it because God wants you to be disappointed OR is He guiding you in another direction?
    If you are alone and have no joy, is it because God wants you to be miserable OR is He aligning factors in preparation to bless you at the Proper time?
    I suggest that faith and perseverance go hand in hand. God is not a man that He can lie…

  4. I read my Bible this morning and I could have told you all that without purporting to have special revelation. Maybe we need a bit more sound Biblical Preaching and Teaching. Less glamorous and definitely requires more effort, but i suspect, more effective and infinitely more reliable!

  5. I love this. I have failed in all financial endeavors I put my hands to. I pay my tithes and give offerings. Where are the promises in my life from his word

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