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  1. God has said that he is allowing the election to manifest the corruption of the evil agendas Satan has used through the Democratic party. The case will go through the courts and after the investigation, the supreme court will rule in Trump’s favor. He will prevail. God said don’t look at Trump’s personality, look at it platform and agenda.He is against all of the evil of the democratic party. He opposes abortion aka planned parenthood. He opposes same sex marriage hidden under the agenda of political correctness. He opposes the legislation of marijuana by the democrats for taxing purposes. They have called evil good,and good evil.
    All who supported Biden will soon be disappointed after the court turns Biden’s victory into defeat. God put Trump in office to temporarily restrain
    the evil of the democrats agenda. He will remain in office until his purpose is fulfilled.
    I am an endtime watchman, called, appointed and anointed by God. He told me more than a decade ago, that Obama is indeed the Islamic antichrist beast and
    is still working in the shadows, behind the scenes running the Democratic party. Trump will be forced by Obama to announce the soon coming dollar collapse and then Trump will be assassinated. It is bring about unprecedented civil and racial unrest. In desperation, the masses will cry out for Obama to come back in office to stop the chaos and to calm the people. Though there is a law forbidding such, in desperation the government will relax the law for Obama’s sake and he will be restored to the presidency. He will then become the global leader and dictator and will eventually become Satan incarnate.
    In conclusion, in (Rev.17:10,11), Obama is the 6th king. Trump is the 7th king who will rule for a short while, before being cut off by assassination. Then the 6th king Obama will be restored to the presidency as,the 8th king who is revealed as the beast. I reiterate that Obama will replace Trump later, not Biden. Grace and peace

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