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  1. a clip from trillium truth that church pastors might consider is this the word of the Lord whose voice do you hear! Vatican, oh Vatican, you evil witchcraft generating mafia. How dare you even utter My Name as the venom of asps is on your lips. The blood of children is on your hands and your mouths are open desecrating graves. You have assaulted Me by offending the Little Ones and I AM overturning your rule once and for all. I AM done with your church games. I AM finished with your mixing and matching My Word with that of the devil. How dare you! How dare you! You who once called Me Father but never knew My Son. You speak about holiness and My Goodness but your heart condemns you because you worship another. First your flesh and then the devil.
    Oh, how I will expose you and your centuries of defilements? How even until now you have stolen and kept hidden the Truth and My Word. But not for long. Watch, as I dismantle your principality. I AM cutting you off. The earth cannot yield to you so you have leeched off of My true Kingdom Carriers. But no more! The money flow shall stop. You will squirm and begin to squeal and like the foul hogs you are, living in muck and mire, feeding off of the innocence and blood…a roasting spit of your own making is ready. But those you have trusted, the spirits, they shall devour you. You will become a beast of the field and lose all your humanity to your flesh that has known no bounds of evil.

  2. I commented on the platform yesterday that some Churches/pastors are sitting on the fences & they are our problem. They are not talking & fighting to uphold biblical virtues & that’s why we are in these struggles today & except God’s intervention. May God make our shepherds to be fearless & speak the Truth always as we will all give account some days before the Lord the righteous judge.

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