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The LORD Has Chosen Imperfect Vessels — 9 Comments

  1. Amen & amen.  Please Father, take & utilise my mouth, my hands and my feet.  I am violent & most available for anything You ask.

  2. I wept as I read this.  My heart has been heavy with a recent reminder of how foolish I appear due to lack of memory. Like so many in the scriptures I was marred in the Potter’s hands at a young age and due to traumatic brain injury my memories are sporadic.  But the Lord spoke to me, He takes the foolish to confound the wise; not that it is in my heart to confound anyone!
    My prayers are simply that
    1. I be found worthy to be in my Lord’s service; and
    2. Pure enough (with no fear of co-laborers) to resume fellowship with my King.
    3. And that I be privileged to participate in the activation of the Most High’s agenda here on earth. May His Kingdom come!

    • I am grateful for the presence of God I feel as I read your words and look on your face! You have been given a gif of REFRESHMENT to the soul of God’s People!

  3. Lord with YOUR Guidance, may I be able to bring something beautiful for YOUR table.
    And a BIG “Thank you” Lord for choosing “Imperfect Vessels”. The Grace of God Go I.
    Thank you “Veronika” for your Faithfulness.

  4. YES Father, I give You my mouth, my hands, my feet, and my heart this Day.
    YES Father, curse the roots in me that have defiled the Fruits and strike down in me, that which has defiled Your Temple.
    YES Father, I invite You to turn over the tables of the ungodly merchandisers and drive out the enemy and his co-labourers.
    YES Father, cleanse me from ALL iniquity this Day!!
    Whatever it takes Father, I give You my YES and my THANKYOU!!
    I love You Abba, and I thank You for the most Beautiful Gift Creation will ever know. It’s by that Standard raised up for me today that I say in agreement with Your Spirit of Truth, IT IS FINISHED!! Amen
    God bless your beautiful heart Veronika!!

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