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Christianity: Today’s Most Persecuted Religion — 1 Comment

  1. Dear brother Ken, this is powerful though hard. I recall a translation that describes those under the altar as “beheaded”. We are already in the 7 year tribulation. It will have it`s final terror in Jerusalem. But then redemption is assured for the last ones of His suffering children.
    I believe what the LORD reveals to you, for you went to the mountain with your Bible alone. It`s not about the mountains. Everyone who is in a desert with the Bible, is also blessed. With a searching heart and the Bible in hands on the ground is also a chosen and blessed place to be. While I type this, heaven opened covering the earth with beautiful snowflakes. Fernando Ortega`s song to it: “I stretched out my hands.” I do not place it on my google page because the video is so black. Please listen to that anointed song. Precious ! I love it !
    Again, thank you for sharing with us the full truth, no matter how terrible it is. Our forefathers and foremothers are alive and pray for us, too, I believe. I think about Luke 16, the Lazarus conversation with the one in hell. We serve a HOLY God. He will bring us home. We must not fear death. HALLELUYAH ! Now the view here is complete snow dancing and 12:24 PM.

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