Christians, behind Closed Doors


Behind Closed Doors” . . .  How many people were destroyed by things nobody else saw; things that went on in their lives, that others never knew about.  I wonder today, if this is one reason I feel so strongly about things that have been denied in the house of the Lord.  It makes even more sense to me now, why God put certain gifts in the Body.  I’ve seen word of wisdom and word of knowledge work; it’s delivered by the Holy Ghost and it speaks to people who are in need.  Sometimes, we only need, a small word.

Knowing things, is a part of being filled with the Spirit.  To discern, means to know.  I have to ask myself today, how could so many people be harmed, suffering untold misery, right under our noses, and nobody picked it up.  It breaks my heart, to know that people had issues, weaknesses and things they could not control, and there was no one to help them.  They may have sat right beside us on the pew, stood next to us in the choir, and we never knew their life was in peril, that they were going down.  Oh it might do well to say, that they didn’t tell anyone or even ask for help.  But tell me, why is it that nobody could discern that they were in trouble.  How could that happen.

I’m not sorely against the way people have church today.  That is their own choice.  What I do fear, is that people are coming among them, looking for an answer and help, that is not found there.  I love it when people receive the Holy Ghost; I do. It’s a wonderful thing.  But what happens after that.  I think some forget, that the enemy is going to fight that person more than ever before.  And all of their life’s issues, do not instantly go away because they prayed through.  There is a lot of healing, a lot of growing and a great deal of understanding that must follow.  Who’s interested in their problems.

I don’t know why I’m led to say this again.  But there is nothing more hurtful and confusing, than to see parents that appear to be one thing at church, but are truly something different at home.  The person we really are, is who we are at home; who we are in front of our family members and when no one else is around.  We didn’t have to interfere in families private affairs.  But if we had been sensitive enough in the Spirit, we would have known to pray more intently for certain people.  The Spirit could have given us a word to whisper in their ear; letting them know they were not alone and that God cared for them; that He saw it all.  What a difference that would have made.

People are beginning again to seek the deeper things of God, and to be used in this hour.  They are going to see things in certain situations, that those involved don’t know they can see.  They will be more sensitive to the Spirit than ever before, and they will follow the leading of the Spirit.  They will be given words to help people, that no one else could possibly know.  Jesus Christ cares for his Body; more than any of us could ever begin to understand.  Knowing what goes on behind closed doors, is His business.  He wants His body healed of it’s illnesses, their disappointments and their many injuries.  He’s going to use somebody, to do it.  People should not suffer alone; especially when everything that was needed in the church, was put in it to help them.  People cried out, and we didn’t hear them. In the Spirit, we will hear.  May He use us, to apply the healing balm for their lives.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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