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Christians During Tougher Times — 3 Comments

  1. Praise God! God bless you and much love, respect to you, Prophet and Minister Travis!❤️️I believe and receive this Word and message from Jesus, through the Holy Spirit! Praise the hy name of the Lord, I stretched my hands towards the heavens, to the Holy One, Jesus Christ, who saved my soul, making me whole in him continually.

    I stand on this Word given and shared, it has touched me in a mighty, yet special way.I am experiencing just what you’ve mentioned, being attacked by demonic warfare through lost individuals being used willingly by some and others who may be unaware, but I stand in faith in Jesus Christ.

    Thank you, so much for sharing! I needed to hear this Word from the Lord, as he has been changing, transforming me quickly over the past week heavily.
    God bless you!️❤️

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