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  1. Dear sister, I haven’t been responding on HKP since weeks, but I want to let you know: It touched me, how you and some others exactly sensed the extreme warfare. I’ve almost daily been around, but priority is now to be ready and prepared for the next season. It’s not about Autumn…. JESUS CHRIST must be truly around the corner, because the devil is attacking the entire world so hard now.

    The largest demon was the prince of China. This demon manifested as a huge dragon and this is because China has the highest population. The dragon was obese and this may have been because the demon had been feeding for centuries and dragons are part of Chinese culture. The weapon was an artillery or field gun. I knew that I had to fire 3 rounds at the neck. I had been a member of an army reserve artillery regiment. I needed my Christian friend to help me operate the gun. There are 2 of these 4.5-inch guns on display at the town’s military memorial. The Lord is my victory


    After this, I knew that I could hunt demonic strongmen over cities and demonic princes over nations. The demons were as large as a house and I had access to weapons that could defeat them. I have a disability, but the Lord’s power increased because of this. Never fight the enemy in your own strength.

    The second-largest demon was the prince of India. India has a large population so the demon was huge, about the size of a 5-storey building. The demon manifested as a bull and this may have to do with cattle being regarded as sacred in India. The weapon I used had an explosive projectile like an RPG, except that it had several rounds. This weapon appears in ‘Terminator 2.’ The Lord told me to aim at the neck. I was aiming at the heart, but this was not effective because the heart was covered with flesh. So I aimed at the neck and this was effective, but I had to fire about 24 rounds. Apparently, these rounds affected the animal’s blood supplies.

    A Christian friend, an apostle, saw a shotgun in the spirit. He is a pig hunter and he knew that the shotgun was for me. I wasn’t a pig hunter, but I have learned that pig dogs represent intercessors. The dogs flush out the pigs, and the pigs represent demons. A pig hunter represents an apostle or a prophet. A shotgun represents spiritual authority, but pig dogs don’t carry shotguns. The shot gun marked the beginning of the modern weapons.

    Later, I saw a row of 5 giants wearing armour. I knew that I could ask the Lord for modern weapons. So I asked the Lord for a machine-gun with armour-piercing rounds. The giants fell in seconds. Over the next year, the demons increased in size and the weapons also increased in size.

    I began attending a different church and I thought that I could ‘clean-out’ the church with these modern weapons. However, pride was behind this thought. A giant came from behind me and stabbed me in the back. I suffered flu symptoms for about 2 weeks. Rick Joyner wrote that pride can blind us to the enemy’s attacks. Since then, I learned about the servant-leader model.

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