Come Closer, and Draw Nearer!


“Look!  Look!  Who is this coming out of the desert leaning heavily on her beloved?”

Today I hear a clear call from heaven, “Come closer, and draw nearer, listen!”

I see many in the Body of Christ who are running to and fro, looking for clear direction and instruction concerning many areas of their lives, their marriages, families, children, economy, finances, church life, past and present relationships, hopes and dreams yet to be fulfilled.

I see many standing at what looks like a dead end, unsure how to move forward without making situations and circumstances even worse.

The cry of their heart is “Show me LORD!  Deliver me LORD!  Help me LORD!  Heal me LORD!  Move me LORD!  Bless me LORD!  Keep me safe LORD!”

Fear not!  He calls to you, “Come closer My beloved, and draw nearer”.

I believe He is instructing us to remove every encumbrance that is not of Him.

We must remove, cast off and shake off everything that would prevent us from drawing closer to His Presence in this hour.

It is only here in this place of uninterrupted and uninhibited fellowship with God that we will begin to hear and see with greater clarity, understanding and wisdom.

It is here in this deeper place of intimacy with the father that we will receive the secret keys to the treasures of heaven that have been stored up and prepared for us even before the foundations of earth.

Friends, I believe if we are not close enough to God to hear Him whisper, then we will always be wanderers, walking without true purpose and true significance, we will lack the power, might, understanding, wisdom, foresight and insight that can position and align us for great success and greater victory.

It is only out of the place of intimacy and deeper encounter with God that true greatness is awakened and birthed in the life of the believer.

God only reveals His hidden secrets to those who will draw close enough to hear the sound of his heart beat.

Its time to serve an eviction notice….!

I hear these words in the spirit, “It’s time to serve an eviction notice!”

Many of us need to serve an eviction notice to everything that doesn’t please God, that doesn’t truly honour God, everything that is hindering proper and perfect alignment with His Spirit, these things must be removed and replaced.

We cannot see treasure come in, until we have taken out the trash.

While in prayer for you all today, I saw in the spirit a very large storehouse of treasures just waiting to be released to God’s People in this season!

Heaven is waiting on us to come into perfect alignment, with hearts that are synchronize with The Father’s heart beat.

Heaven is waiting for us to come closer, and to draw nearer, in this season.  Let us position our heads on His chest, listening to the sound of his heart beat.

I Decree:

I am removing and casting off every encumbrance that hinders me from fully engaging with my God!   Out with the trash and in with the treasures that have been stored up and prepared for me.

In this season of great transition, many are on what I want to call, a “Faith move”!

Some of you don’t know exactly, specifically, or precisely what the LORD is saying, however you have just heard the LORD saying “its time to move, just start walking and I will tell you more on the way”.

Now God said to Abraham, “If you leave your family ‘I will bless you; I will make you a blessing; I will cause others to bless you, and I will tell you what and where I am taking you while you are on the way!”  

And so it was, by faith Abraham left and journeyed with God.

Wow!!  That’s what I call a “Faith move”!

A “Faith move” puts us in a place I want to call “The land between”!

The land between, a rock and a hard place, the land between is being sick and not yet being fully healed and restored.

The land between is leaving your much loved job and the security of that set salary, and starting your own business or working for a new company.

The land between is the dealing with past hurts, broken promises and old relationships and receiving the emotional strength and peace to rebuild and discover new relationships and enter into new adventures and make new discoveries.

The land between is dealing with an old lifestyle of choices while over coming addictions and receiving the new love, life, joy, peace, and hope for the expected end that god has promised you.

This “In between” place is where true maturity blossoms, you are in process!  You are in the prison of his will and you will only grow and increase as you move and advance forward in faith and trust.

I Decree:

I am in the land between process and realised promise.
I am on a faith move.
I am not afraid I am receiving greater revelation as I walk in obedience.
I am fully surrendered to his plans and purposes for my life.

True maturity; is to see the ideal and live with the actual.

To fail; is to accept the actual and reject the ideal.

And to accept only that which is ideal, and refuse the actual is to be immature.

Do not criticize the actual, because you have seen the ideal, and do not reject the actual because you have seen the ideal.

True maturity; is to live with the actual but hold on to the ideal.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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