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I’ve often talked about Coastal Solar as a grand experiment socially, if not spiritually.

Could it be what appears an organization of men is actually an organism of God (Yahweh)?

Could it be individualism (looking out for #1) gives way to a grander purpose – individuals in the ‘work place’ actually getting along, entering each day with a servant’s heart?

A business where money is not the purpose?

Appointed servants serving, enjoying function, while fulfilling purpose?

Could it be, as scripture says, we are appointed to specific works prepared for us on earth; works prepared before the foundation of the earth?

Could it be that Man was actually assigned a time and place on earth, fulfilling a specific purpose in a particular arena (mountain)?

What we are seeing after three years of spiritual trial and error, and enough discouragement to throw in the towel, is the very beginning of a flowing, functioning, body; where each part has a heart to serve others. Is the many-membered Body Of Christ now seeing first evidences of a ‘coming together,’ an actual functioning BODY?

A Bride without spot or wrinkle?

What is happening here is happening worldwide in many different spheres.

We are seeing the strength of any one individual is multiplied exponentially when connected to something greater than self. Individuals connected to other individuals, flowing in common purpose have massive ability; capabilities rise beyond former boundaries – old ceilings become new floors.

Accomplishments, previously unattainable, become readily available – the strength and power of the moving herd possessing momentum, knowledge, confidence, ability.

The weakest link is suddenly emboldened by ‘group power.’  A rising tide lifts all boats.

A body is designed to function well unless some part ceases to exist or is broken or sick.

Accordingly, the exception to this exciting ‘rising tide’ phenomenon is individuals seeking personal (physical) rights while foregoing their personal (spiritual) responsibility to the greater good.

A team is not a team when individuals deviate from the structure and flow of the team; when individuals prefer self at the expense of the whole a cancer forms.

We, as a team, have battled this cross current in the past: Perhaps for the first time, Coastal Solar is experiencing an organic flow as each part lends his/her strength to help another.

This sowing among individuals; this unselfish willingness to aid another, is creating an invisible flow producing opportunity and better results with less toil.

Unity is to God what division is to the devil: Unity is to strength what division is to weakness.

Great unity, great power.  Recognize your tools; serve each other, help each other – sow, sow, sow!

Freely give and it will freely be given you.  Find your connection (and remember), this is not connecting for the sake of connecting, but rather ‘connecting in common purpose and function.’

Purpose ignites function just as connection ignites purpose.  Find those you are destined to join and you will find your destiny!

I am called to the mountain of ‘business and finance,’ hence my connection to others in that sphere.

To recognize the callings that each possesses, and to honor that as such, is the beginning of a forming functioning body.

For years businessmen were called ‘secular’ and treated like second class citizens, whose only mission was work hard and bring money to Church.

The Church, for the most part, is awakening to this 2nd Day, Church Age perspective; recognizing a changing of spiritual eras – the 2nd Day is now the Third Day, The Church Age in now The Kingdom Age, just as we’ve passed from Pentecost into Tabernacles.

It is no longer me and God, just God in me (the Hope of Glory).

We are one, the Body is one; we flow in unity and unison – a functioning Body connected to the Head (Christ).


Clay Sikes

Clay SikesClay Sikes  ~ Lighthouse Prophecy.



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