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Consider not, the things of old! — 1 Comment

  1. Awesome these very words spoken, is speaking to me this day, Glory to God, for it bears witness within. Thank you Abba Father, for your words, thank you for closing the doors on the evil one in the circumstances in my life, knowing he will not be able to open what you have closed, speaks loudly to me, as I am giving thanks in a joyful celebration. Thank you for answers to my prayers for what I have been asking for you to do. Father God, you have always delivered me from every evil forces coming against me, and I’m so appreciative, so blessed to have you as my very dearly beloved Father, and friend. I exalt you on high, Higher than all the highest heights, for I will always trust in you all the days you have given me life. I have asked and surly have receive the victory, time and time again, you have never failed me. I love you endlessly. Higher Praises lifted up to you now.

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