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  1. Winner of the Melbourne Cup, 2019:

    He said, “You see, what I hid from them were mysteries in My sovereignty as I was preparing them for intense and major acceleration in their lives. They will see this happen as they approach the year 2020. This started for them 10 years ago in 2010, which was the year 5770 on the Hebrew calendar and will come into total fruition in the year 2020, which is the Hebrew year 5780 of the Hebrew calendar. The number 80 symbolizes the numerical value of the Hebrew letter ‘pey,’ which symbolizes ‘mouth.'”

    The Fulfillment of Destiny; What 5780 or 80 Will Mean for These Front-liners

    The Father said, “The number 8 in 80 symbolizes the beginnings of fulfillment of their destiny on this earth. Things that were said about them by My mouth even before they were born will come to pass for My front-liners because of their radical faithfulness. Despite what they went through, they trusted Me in complete obedience. This is the key I was looking for in My front-liners— radical trust that leads to radical obedience that leads them into their destiny.”…/75288-prophecy-i-am-preparin…



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