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Dealing with a Jezebel Spirit — 5 Comments

  1. Good morning Bev, thank you for the information. I have been praying, but I was identifying the person. Thank you so much for your clarification. May God continue to bless your walk with Him. Amen

  2. Thank you for this important knowledge. I wish to connect with you if at all possible Bev. If you have an email address I’d like to communicate a few things I have been struggling with. Thanks and may Yahweh bless and keep you. Amen Shalom

  3. Anytime you have to deal with this spirit it’s not fun.  God Bless you and may He give you what you need to help you be victories and learn all the lessons He has for you, so that you will not have to repeat anything, in Jesus Name, Amen.  Bev

  4. Mam,the passage in revelation is dealing with a person told to repent or be thrown into a bed of sickness. Their is no record at all of a demon being struck by Jesus or God with sickness that I know of. There is also no record of them being given opportunity to repent and come into right standing with God.
    Also if you study out the python according to biblical usage you will find it is never mentioned in that way in the original languages of scripture.
    A free resource to freely examine bible languages is blue letter bible classic
    I wish you well on your journey to know the Lord.

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