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Deborahs! — Get Under the Palm Tree! — 16 Comments

  1. Thank you, I stumbled upon this at just the right moment. A TIMELY
    WORD like an apple of Gold⭐️… many BLESSINGS to you dear ♥️♥️♥️

  2. This is a double blessing for me as a message of encouragement ,but also confirming a word I recently delivere4d to a friend about “resuscitation !  I love how the Lord meets us in unexpected ways.  Thank you for being used by HIM ! BLESSINGS TO YOU.

    • Yes, love it how He confirms. There’s been a lot of that for me lately, too, and confirming and affirming.
      God bless you. If you want share w me!

  3. Hi, Priscilla,

    as always a profound word and message……..!!
    I loved to see you in the video, looking so much different….
    Please use a new photo of the „You“ at this time………..!!

    • I agree- I really enjoyed seeing/hearing you speak. I have followed you a long time and I know that picture is one of the moments you cherish; being with your son’s family in Hawaii. :) God bless you.

  4. I love this message dear lady!!
    Enochian, His Kings and Priests entering into the reality that all created matter without His Life at the Center WILL be blown away as chaff in the Wind, and there truly is NO beauty apart from the Center-out Reflection of His Image!! The Eternal Center-out Reflection of His Spirit of Living Truth….PURE BEAUTIFUL!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

  5. Yes, please!  So tired of the sociopathic narcissist “husband” who has been doing his best to prevent me from being who my Lord has made me to be.

    • 3 Examples/Jesus Christ Himself/Jesus’s rebuke of James and John…What Spirit are you of…wanting vengeance on their enemies(Like Saul in the Old Testament/Psalms)instead of forgiveness(Like David in the Psalms)….Paul the Apostles/in the Armour of God/Your Armour is down here lady if you think you’re fighting your husband/Men/Ephesians 6vs12…We don’t fight/Hate people we fight/Hate the 4 demonic realms that affect people…Men included/and your husband as well.And the Beloved Apostle John/see also 1 John 2vs9 to 11…your hating you husband/brother here lady which isn’t right is it?

    • Dear grrraymoo,
      I know that sometimes we make big mistakes in our life and my heart goes out to anyone who made such because I was one of those. I made a big mistake with who I married.  I realized we were both so broken & I thought I could fix him, but after trying
      7 yrs & getting sicker & sicker, he divorced me.
      God told me He would not allow me to be hurt that way anymore. At the time I couldn’t work. It’s so sick with chronic fatigue fibromyalgia. They call it now.
      But God wanted me to get the healing I needed for all the abuse. I’ve been through as a child and then that time he brought someone who would come every week for 2-3 hours to pray with me for inner healing. God made a way where there seemed to be none. Cry out to Him.

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