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  1. Powerful ! Thank you dear sister Dawn.
    We are not against our brothers and sisters in the islamic world. But sadly they are against us since at least 12 centuries. First they overran Europe, than the world. They are under false gods, they have twisted the Holy Bible and made their own books. Another matter of fact is, that Christians do not know history and they are not standing up boldly for the one true God. When worldly confusion came in through movies and tv and other secular industries, they started to live in their own interests and laid God aside for Sundays or even not for then. So the Arab world had wide open doors to enter with their laws.
    They made huge contracts for oil and all played a role in that business game. It was only a matter of time when Christianity would go more and more down.
    Nowadays it is already so worse that they call the Bible based Christians “fundamentalists” or more worse – they call our faith and believe a mental illness. The big churches in our villages and cities will be broken into pieces for new houses, or misused for other gods, if we don’t fight with the sword of THE TRUE AND HOLY WORD OF GOD.
    It already has started. So we need bold prayers and hard work. The other side has also decrees – to erase Israel and Christianity from the maps or force us to convert !

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